Sunday, March 11, 2012

A new week

Not much sewing going on as the serger is still mad at me , so it was a pleasant break when our oldest son & his family came up to pick up my car to take it back to his house to work on it next weekend. Cory works such long hard hours Sunday is about the only day that he gets a break .

Of course we made a swing by the sewing room to visit with the new member of the team-But - Miss Rosie had to give everybody a through inspection & verify them eligible to enter her domain.  She can be so funny - But - one thing you can say about Rosie is that she has taught everybody & everything the meaning of the word RESPECT.

You don't catch Rosie in a mood this "mellow" very often at all-maybe she just wanted to start the week off differently.
I still have not got the serger to co-operate at all - so my shirt is still in limbo! Dog gone thing!
As soon as I ever get it back in whack - I will finish my shirt - I just hope not too many more grey hairs take over my head before that happens. LOL

Plus, I need to get a flashdrive before I can test the Janome.Time will tell. Tomorrow is my day for a doctor visit & I am dreading it. I have been out of my meds for the fibromyalgia for the last week  & the pain is getting bad. Maybe that has something to do with me & the serger?It's hard to accomplish anything good when you have physical problems. They tell you to NEVER stop your meds -but - then they won't let me get them anywhere else & they will not return your phone calls - so I don't know what to do?I wish I could just afford my own doctor.

Well, loves - I hope you have had a lovely day!
hugs -linda


  1. Hope you get your meds and feel better soon. You are so right. When you don't feel good, you just can't get anything accomplished.

  2. Hope all goes well at the doctors and you get back on your meds so you fel better.