Saturday, March 10, 2012

TA DAAAAAAA! Let me introduce!

My new "Main-Squeeze" - Janome 350E. Bless its little heart - this week has been one of TOO MUCH LIFE crammed into one week. It just does not seem fair -to have an over load of life in one week. I am longing for a nice quiet week where I could make my head quit spinning-but it does not look like this week has much hope of that. I was very disheartened that it seemed that I just fell into bed & turned around & fell into bed once again. Gone , my beautiful week before I even knew what happened.

So much so that even though my new baby arrived I could not find time to even take it out of the box. The man I bought it from must have a really good sense of humor! He actually had TWO machines for sale on E-bay. Now you guys know about the Demon Machine that I have battled with for the last three years & it was a Brother PE-700II. Well when this baby arrived it was shipped inside the Brother PE-700II BOX!  I think I almost had a heart-attack -except I did not have time to have one. I saw that name Brother & my heart sank - just at the thought that Maybe he had got the machines mixed up????????????????? Maybe that was another reason I was not so anxious to open that box.?????

But, my DH took matters into his own hands & took me to the sewing room & cut the tape on the box & Lifted out another box inside of that box  that said Janome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost passed out from joy!  But , I was still a little afraid to actually attempt to use it - don't want those HOPES smashed one more time.

So, I had a good excuse - I had a lot of reading to do? But DH is secretly married to his tv - and -for some reason I have Never been able to read & absorb anything while a tv is playing. Then I decided I would come to the sewing room & FINALLY sew together that shirt I had started on -when the Brother broke bad on me & thought it had ruined that bird design entirely. I give him credit for almost succeeding. But, I decided that it would still make a very useful house shirt - kinda a celebration of the divorce of "Brother - PE700II  & Webb". Over with - Done - Finished - well you get the picture. I am still tempted to tie a rope around its little neck & drag it through the community!!!!!!!!!!!

SO I gathered up my parts to the shirt & changed the thread on the serger & the sewing machine & placed the shoulder of the shirt to the serger & *^%&%^$^$&T&()*_() - now the SERGER broke bad on me. It yanked and pulled & jerked & stretched & knifed my poor shoulder all across that seam!

Do you think it makes any difference that its name is BROTHER 103D??????????????????????????? Surely -fate would not be that cruel?
We had a serious discussion for about an hour & a half before I called it quits & took a break. Maybe - just maybe tomorrow will bring much different results!!!!!!!!!!!
So, love to all !  And many Happy Trails to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL


  1. I hate days like that. Sometimes it feels like we get up just to get ready for bed again!!! Love your new machine!!! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. I hope your new machine becomes your best friend, the divorce from Brother is quick and easy and that Serger starts playing by the rules!

  3. Oh Brother Linda!!!!
    Did I say Brother or bother!!!!! Some days just come to test
    you don't they!!Let's see what happens when you really crank
    this new baby over.
    Good luck, Anita.

  4. I think you a very patient lady Linda. I would have given up sewing long ago. Maybe the new machine will be really good for you.

  5. I'm so sorry you have had trouble with BROTHER.. I haven't. I love my 3 brother machines. if there was a problem it was human error... but that is me I am always doing something I shouldn't lol
    Hope your new machine gives you hours of enjoyment. I heard Janome is good too. It doesn't matter what kind of machine as long as you have that love for sewing in your heart.. :)