Thursday, March 1, 2012

Furbabies like new things to

If any of you have a furbaby like my Miss Blondie (on the right) She has always loved to sleep under the covers when cold weather arrives. So, I accidentally hit upon an idea I like & she really enjoys. I sewed two pillowcases for her favorite pillow -then put each one on the pillow on opposite sides. That way the first pillowcase covers the pillow & the second one she uses like a little tent& pulls the covers over top of herself.

I think that Miss Blondie had fallen off to sleep & Miss Honeybear decided to try out the new covers. LOL  Funny how they "spot" new things just like humans do? LOL

It was a perfectly lovely , sunny day today & I got 3 laundries all hung out in the pretty sunshine to dry.
Then I got online & ordered the parts for my little sick Tracker vehicle. Yes, she is sick - her clutch, pressure plate & throw out bearing have had it. So, we will see how it goes.

I have just taken a small carrot cake from the oven & am letting it cool for me to put the cream cheese icing on it  & now I have to tackle those bills once again. Can you believe how fast this past month has gone? It just seems like the other day when I did the bills for February . I hate for time to fly by so fast -just making me older quicker-but in this case it gets the weather closer to what my beautiful flowers & fruit trees need. If it turns back into a deadly cold I am worried about their survival. ????

Well, work to be done - have a wonderful , blessed day!

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  1. that is a great idea for a pet bed. My Abby sometimes get under the covers too.. I must try that out.
    thanks for sharing