Friday, March 30, 2012

Break A Few Eggs

I have always heard that in order to make an omelet -you have to break a few eggs! So, this design is one of my broken eggs. Drats! After taking the time to cut out an entire outfit - I was smart enough to start with the embroidery part & that was what killed this outfit. I had just enough fabric to cut out this one set & no more to spare for Boo-Boos.

It started out great as it sewed the basic foundation -but then it went crazy and started making Big Loops back & forth and then all of a sudden jerking the entire project up in the air -there was no way to fix it , but I had to let you see that I did TRY to complete a new outfit.

I am beginning to think that there was something in the air today. We had to go to town & company showed up,but I kept watching the clock because we had to get to the mill before it closed. We were almost out of the driveway before our guests were . Making good time , But - DH  had not watched the gas hand the other night and we were running on fumes-so that was another unplanned stop and the gas station was swamped ?? Once again we got going and - a tractor had pulled out in the traffic and 30 mph we traveled??? Still watching the clock- so I asked DH what about heading to the mill first instead of the other way around So, we did make it to the mill and get critter feed for the week.

I was so tired when we arrived home - just too tired to unload the car-we will see how tomorrow goes??LOL
I changed clothes and took in the laundry and went to lock up the chickens -But - the guinea was there & she jumped into the chicken house and ran all of the hens OUT ! The guinea was fussing up a storm and I was fussing at the guinea. So, I went back to the house and read some information to DH about a car he is working on-then checked the woodstove and Then went back to lock up the chickens , AGAIN-but this time I was successful.

That  left me free to put up the laundry and run the vacuum before we had a bite to eat. Then  I headed to the sewing room and checked out my fabrics. My stash is starting to get low-  I am ending up with bits and pieces from other projects and also some odds and ends -not what I am looking for.

I was looking for something to do with PINK because I have pink thread on the serger and the sewing machine and I did not want to change out the thread IF I could avoid it. This was the only pink I could find and now it is a "flop" - so I guess it is time to change the thread & hopefully start a bright new chapter! I need to trash that design - I do not want to make that mistake again.

O, I read another cutie:
The secret of success is to start from scratch and then keep on scratching!
Deb, South Dakota

Love to all!

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  1. I like Deb's secret to success!
    I've come up with a solution for your embroidery about doing the designs on a pocket, that way if it ruins the fabric you could make another one. Less waste! Ignore me if you think this is a silly idea!
    hugs Sue