Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bk & Wh camo men

Another day - another lesson. I Really love this color camo and this medium size was what I had been using for my brother-in-law & DH. But I am wanting to maybe make & sell some shirts to pay for my machine. So, when I completed this one tonight I hung it up to take the picture & I took a long hard look at it & decided that it had faults. It's a shame too because my stitching seems to be excellent. The more I studied the more I thought I should call my brother-in-law & get feedback -straight from the horse's mouth - o ! I meant straight from the fellow's mouth!

And -low & behold -what I had been thinking was exactly what he said :
1. Shoulders wee bit too wide
2. Long sleeves are too tight at wrist
3 Neck band is too loose!

So, now I need to redraw my pattern! Not my favorite job at all!

I like the design but Mr. Janome "hiccuped" on that K. Plus, my dear little camera doesn't want to play nice with me-the pictures are not turning out clear . O, while I am whining - my iron - is being ugly too. Sometimes it will turn on & light up & sometimes it will not.  What is it with me and machines??????????????

Well, love to all - gotta go have a fight with some patterns.

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  1. I'm sorry the shirt is giving you trials~ It looks good hanging there! I think your new machine is doing an excellent job on your patterns~ Yes..It doesn't sound like fun to readjust the pattern. I think looser wrists would be nice because then when the user is working or hunting in it, they can move more easily. You know...I like your idea of trying to sell some shirts. I'm sure you can do it! ♥♥♥