Thursday, March 15, 2012

Toaster cover

What a day - no wonder they get away from me.  I actually bumped into a wonderful day in the grocery store & she said she just did not know where days went to - then she laughed & said ,"TV".LOL  Our tv is very lonely today because DH has been gone all afternoon & I have been buzzing around. Got all of my morning chores accomplished & raked another woodstove full of tree debris . Yea-getting there!

Then I worked at loading my #2 daughter-in-law's chickens ( I had baby sat them all Winter for her -and received wonderful eggs from them in return) on DH's truck to take them home to her. I learned that I do get attached to any animal - no matter who they belong to. It really hurt to see them going down the driveway & knowing those beautiful eggs would not be there in the morning?
But, I reminded myself that DH wants to get chicks like hers(they are red sex-links). All of my life I have loved the little bantams with all of their colors & personality-) Until this past Winter when my bantams quiet laying around Thanksgiving & they are just starting to lay a few now. With the price of groceries as high as they are -the red ones laid every single day all Winter long -with no extra care.It was awesome! So, live & learn! LOL

 Girls Heading Down the Driveway-Bye Girls - you were very edcational& your eggs were so appreciated all winter long.

Once in the house I wanted to do dishes, laundry , steam the floors and more -But- I decided that since DH was gone the house could just wait because it is VERY SELDOM that the house is quiet because DH is really married to the television.

I needed the quiet to read the manual that came with Mr. Janome. I knew if I just left it sitting that I would slowly lose my courage to try to see what it would do-because I would not want to be disappointed once again since so many had said it was my fault - I was doing things wrong. SO - that was why I headed to the sewing room

It was nice & quiet & my brain was actually trying to behave itself  & let the knowledge contained in the manual soak in. I took it step by step. I had wanted a toaster cover for Forever & decided that would be my first project.

This particular cover was a gift from an Oregon friend who is a bus driver & a wonderful gal. It amazed me AFTER (you know how that hind-sight thing is) --- that it is actually a larger size cover & we actually have the  larger size toaster! Talk about things starting to look better????

 So I carefully loaded everything up-I had a problem hooping it because the binding part was right in the way of the hoop . It took ALL of my strength to finally pull that off and it did jump out of the hoop on me twice -but Mr. Janome did not fuss at me one little bit!

It actually started to " PURR' right along just singing its song as I was holding my breath! I just could not believe it- it was working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 As you can see I managed to do the top and the sides of the cover with this design that was already in the machine. I have got to get a flashdrive to be able to use the ones from the internet -so I just wanted to see if this machine would Hate me instantly??? I certainly hope that it NEVER changes its mind about me & it will be Love forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Whooppppeeeeee!  Hey- all this was accomplished during a horrific thunder storm too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is good -counting my blessings!
happy stitches to you


  1. Wow. That is beautiful. I don't understand a lot of stuff about embroidery. So you can get designs off the internet and load them on that machine?

  2. I am so pleased you took the opportunity to read your manual while DH was away. I know what you mean about the TV when they are home all day.
    Delighted your new baby is sewing beautifully for you too.
    Your toaster cover looks great.

  3. I am sure you and your new Janome will be having a long lasting relationship. :)Looks beautiful... isn't it great when everything goes right. Hugs

  4. Awww. I just love a happy love story. Dh might be married to the tv but you've got Mr Janome sweet on you!

  5. YAAAAAAA ... it behaved itself!
    Was the toaster cover already made, and you just did the embroidery on it?
    Either way, it's lovely.
    Where was DH all day?