Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cheers Outfit

Another one of those lightening fast days. This morning when I was getting ready to do morning chores I heard the loudest noise -it sounded like a thrashing machine out in the yard - so I scurried to peek outdoors and it was a REALLY large airplane . It was so close down to the earth I worried that it might crash. I stood and listened  -but there was no horrific sounds and I was so grateful. I have only seen that happen one time in my life .  Who knows - ???? - maybe it was a "STUDENT DRIVER" ! LOL

Chores were done and I hit the shower . While I was in there our daughter-in-law & granddaughter and great grandson arrived. DH had taken his truck over there to have our dear son work on it for him. Poor Cory - he certainly has too much on his plate. Maybe he should not be so talented ?

As soon as they left we got ready for my counseling session. It was such a pretty drive and the weather was perfect. . We got back home  before dark now that the days are getting longer . DH spotted one of his friends and they pulled over to yack for a while.

When we arrived home I made DH a pot of oyster stew & when I discovered we did not have any oyster crackers I fixed me a serving of a broccoli something . LOL  It was good and I knew it was good for me and we both have enough for our meal tomorrow.

 I locked up the chickens & DH tilled a little on a new garden space he is thinking about . He used our neighbor's tractor tiller. We are so lucky to have such a sweet neighbor who would give you the shirt off of his back.

By then it was dark and I hit the sewing room . I am intrigued with this new idea of sewing the toddler clothes to sell. That would certainly be the answer to being able to support myself -plus be able to work at home . And all of those wonderful opportunities to play with the fabrics.!

Well, at least this time I will not be able to just wonder- I am sticking my neck out there just to see what happens? I think I might be able to be proud of myself just for trying -no matter what happens & I am sure I will learn a lot-as I always do. LOL

Like tonight -after I completed the next little outfit and went to iron it to set the stitches - yep - my iron decided to just up and die ! Wasn't that VERY RUDE of it???? I have only had it two or three years- I was expecting it to last at least ten-guess I was wrong. I was very lucky that I had a small little iron that I had kept for emergencies- so it was pulled out and put to good use. It does not seem to have much heat or steam -but  we accomplished the goal.

I hope you have had a lovely day !
Cheers - Linda


  1. Hi Linda...
    That is a wonderful little outfit!!!
    My irons never last too long either. Last time hubby bought an expensive Rowena, and it has lasted for a few years. My mom's just died a few months ago...the one I had inherited from her, and I liked it the best because it was a smaller light weight one, and the steam stayed on...the Rowena turns itself off if I don't use it for a few minutes. That is frustrating to me!

    Glad you have a good neighbor! They are priceless! ♥♥♥

  2. What a lovley little outfit you made.
    Irons never last very long....

  3. Your little out fit is so sweet..Th nerve of that iron to die on you... hmmmmmm They just don't make things like they used to. hugs