Friday, March 16, 2012

What happens when you stumble

with a rotary cutter in your other hand?
Yep, that is what happens & I feel very lucky that I did not do more damage. I told my DH that everytime I have Ever cut my fingers that I ALWAYS have a sink full of dishes just waiting for me.

Did you think that I have a picture of what I was working on? Welllllll, me too. I snapped it right after I did this picture of "the sewing room assistant queen". But just now when I went to download it - that picture is not in there. GRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!That white piece of paper was what I was using to draw off a pattern for my blender cover to go along with that toaster cover.

It is on a blue quilted piece of fabric that comes close to matching  it. But, I cannot show it to you & now the camera keeps  telling me that the card is not initialized and it will not let me take any pictures at all. I do not know what that means -except I know it means trouble. Dumb thing. Something else to challenge you.

I called the gentleman that I purchased that Janome embroidery machine off of & told him that I was calling to purchase a usb stick that I could use with his Janome-just so I would get it right. He gave me an interesting tidbit. He said it would be a small size stick because they had found that these machines work much better with a smaller size usb stick. I am glad I took my "own" advice & checked with him first. Another thing I discovered , he is just one of the sweetest people I have  ever done business with . He took time to talk to me& he Listened to me - I could hardly believe it. Don't you wish all people were like that when you needed help!

Well, I better let you go -maybe tomorrow I can figure out the camera because I know I need it working-there are plenty more projects to have to show , thanks to Mr. Janome.
Love to all & many happy stitches!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. OMG I live in fear of cutting myself with a rotary cutter!
    I hope the damage wasn't too bad.