Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pink Keeper Set

 This might be my favorite child's set so far & it is so neat that I did not waste the two little pieces of fabric that was left over from making shirts for some of the adults. That pink shirt is just SO Soft and flexible .

It was a perfect day here (because I worked in the sewing room most of the day) But, a majority of the time was spent Fighting with that serger, but I came out the winner of this scuffle!  It was really pretty outside -the sun was so beautiful and it was short-sleeve weather & the world just smelled so alive.

DH was in a lot of pain so he took one of his pain pills but from lack of sleep last night - it just knocked his lights out most of the day! LOL I like to watch him sleep because I know he needs his rest to fight that dumb cancer .

I read a cute quote by Georgia Carol - Love is like a lizard- it goes all around your heart and straight to your gizzard.
Bye for now


  1. Cute little outfit..
    Hope your DH is feeling better after his good sleep.

  2. I am telling amaze me!! I still have done nothing on my granddaughters top that I have cut out. You sew so fast!!! Love your quote! I pray for your husband...and you! I have a family member that just found out some bad news. Please pray for her.

  3. I agree with Val...Linda, I've never known anyone to sew as fast as you do! And you even add embroidery to it!!! Amazing! Yes...I agree...this is your cutest outfit! Love it♥♥♥

  4. That set is SOO SO PRETTY! You are one clever tart.