Saturday, March 17, 2012

Blender Cover

Hi Gang-
I hope that you are having as Lovely a weekend as I am having.I got up & did my chores , allowing for the hour between times when DH & I are suppose to wait from the time you take your meds until you are allowed to eat.
Then I came in & we ate breakfast & DS called about parts for my little Tracker that he  is working on.Gosh it is just like anything else that you are working on  - it always needs something that you do not know about until you get into it. It needs bearings for the transmission & he had to order them  so DH left to go pay for them.
When he left I tore the living room apart -pulling everything to one side of the room-then steam cleaning it.Next I moved that side to the other side and steam cleaned it  That was the time that DH showed back up. It turned out that DS had not called the part in on time-so we have to wait till Weds. for it to come in.
Poor DH he could not get to his easy chair so he went outdoors to work on a vehicle . It's a shame you have to "boot"" them out to get to clean.

I was so proud of the floor that I put the baby gate up for a couple of hours just to be able to enjoy a clean hardwood floor. No critters OR men OR boys tromping across it with mud all over the place. It was very enjoyable even if I was running in & out.

Then I was hanging out laundry & I fixed us Cornbread & Buttermilk & DH headed back out to work on a vehicle & I headed to the sewing room-JOY!

That flat piece of fabric was the one that I embroidered the butterflies on in preparation for birthing it into a blender cover. Amazing how you can do that , isn't it? LOL

I cut out a circle for the top like a hat to finish it off & I even had good luck attaching the hat to the body!
Boy, I was on a roll. That was when I discovered it had started to rain , but the laundry was still wet  - so I always heard that fresh rain water was like washing your clothes in softener , so we will see. The butterfly with the white on it is the front of the cover.

There are two butterflies on each side  of it to give me some "eye-candy". LOL
So, my day has been VERY successful & I am  happy with it. I do wish that I could "clone" me though & have the other me cleaning the kitchen & checking out Food & another to be doing some things I want to do outside. I did get 4 loads of litter off of the yard this morning & poked it in the wood stove. I am making progress ,even if it is " A cookie sheet full" at a time. It really works nice though because the sheet Just fits the door to the wood stove Perfectly & then I shove the whole pile right into the stove. YEA. Even the walnuts are not exploding on me when I put them in the fire -like they do in the Fall when they are fresh & full of nut.
I am getting a lot of help from the squirrels though - they chew out the nut & leave the empty hull . What consideration they offer. Sometimes they even sing songs to me if they are not dropping nuts on my head. LOL

Well, time marches on - I need to go gather the eggs & lock up a few of the chickens & watch the flowers grow!LOL
Love to all & Many happy stitches!

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  1. The cover looks great!
    And I love freshly cleaned floors too... that's why I always do it when the kids are at school and Steve and Stew are at work. I get to enjoy it for a few hours.