Friday, March 23, 2012

Hi Gang

It was another one of those "lightening days". Seems like I just got up and here it is time to go fall down. We had some rain off and on today and everything is green and growing. I had to laugh when I went into my pictures -there was a picture last year on the 27th & it was snowing here. I sure hope we do not get any snow to coming visiting now - it is much lovelier just like it is now.

It is hard to see-but that little black speck is a little tiny bee come looking for his groceries. He would not appreciate snow either!

I have done a little more researching all of these crazy sizes . Our son brought our car home where he had put in new transmission bearings & a new clutch & throw out bearing.  I am so honored to have a son who is so talented & appreciative of his hard work. It seems like the tables have turned from where we were the ones taking care of him & now it is he-taking care of us.

But his wife & our granddaughter were with him to bring their vehicle so he could get back home. I showed the little outfit to them and also the little shirts I had bought to show me the sizes and I was already confused enough -but Tracy spotted another difference right off the bat- the one shirt said 4 -5 - but what I had not noticed it says xs /xch (4-5) . They told me that stood for EXTRA SMALL??????

Then they throwed in another detail- Ashley said that size 24 months LOOKS like a size 2T -the difference is the length of the shirt? She said that a size 2 fits her baby Zane who is short and chubby -and that a size 24 months will fit him width wise - but it leaves his tummy sticking out ????

And to think I used to think the most important part of babies was food & love & clean diapers??????
Love to all
Confused Grandmaw!!!!!!!! LOL


  1. You are so cute!! And you are right...things have changed. The kids now worry about us like we used to worry about them!!!

  2. It's nice your son is taking care of you guys..
    Yep I am confused too re the sizes of your t=shirts...