Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I'm coming back???? LOL

Yep those little pills sure do save my sanity easing the pain & fog until I almost feel like a normal person, and I don't break down bawling if someone looks at me crooked.

That made it nice as DH had that doctor appointment this morning. Turned out it was a "treatment -visit" instead of a doctor visit - that will be next month.They gave him his shot that he hates & then loaded him up with his meds & we were out the door.

Our brother-in-law had sent us 72.00 so we stopped going home & grabbed some groceries & some gas & that was it. DH said that he was tired of looking in the  fridge & seeing nothing. LOL  Our youngest son is getting us some groceries also & they are coming for a visit when they do. It will be so nice to see them & the grandson. He is almost walking now & soon there will be no stopping him. lol

Once we were home & changed clothes I went out & raked some more on the yard. It is a disaster & now that it is so warm this week and not freezing ANY this week but it does chill the house by morning I rake up all of the litter & fill the stove with that & then lay a couple logs on that & I am killing two birds with one stone. Having our fire & cleaning the yard at the same time-that sounds like a win-win for me. It is that time of year when the more you look - the more you see to do. I cleaned up my smallest flower bed because I wanted to try an experiment . The chooks love to get in there looking for worms & tear my flowers all to pieces. So, I had a piece of soft netting that you use to cover your fruit trees to protect them from the birds eating your fruits. I laid it down in the bed & weighed it down with a few rocks. I want to see how they react to that ????? I am really hoping that I win the battle of the flower bed.

While I was working DH came & hollered at me to come fix his treat. We had splurged & got a container of oysters because He LOVES oyster stew & since all the food has been tasting terrible to him I wanted to see how that would go. Turned out he loved it - I had not heard him say that in Months now.I ate a bowl of the broth with crackers.

After we ate & even took a walk as I went up to lock in the chooks. That was nice.Once in the house I managed to get to the sewing room & complete my house shirt. You can hardly even tell that there are birds in that design -so that is why it will be a "house-shirt". I love the color & the knit is so nice & soft so it will be so comfortable. I usually like to use the new ones for go to town so it will feel strange wearing one looking so new. LOL  I am so tickled that this will be my last battle with the Brother embroidery machine. Yea!

The serger still "bucked " and acted up a little -but still I pulled it off. I even used the "lettuce trim" around the sleeves and bottom. Looks like I am back in the creative progress! Yea! Had me worried there for a while!

What a wonderful - beautiful day!
Happy stitches to you!


  1. I'm glad your day is going so well! Enjoy every moment.
    Hugs from down under.

  2. How nice for you to a have a good day.

  3. Yaaa to getting groceries... they are a necessary item after all!
    And your new houseshirt looks lovely and soft.
    Did you get some of the oysters?