Thursday, March 22, 2012

Me Green Shirt

Well, I'm pooped! Why do the days have to go by so fast? I feel more like I live at a race track rather than a home in the country?

After accomplishing my outdoor chores & feeding DH  I headed to the sewing room. I was determined to finish my green shirt. Today was also my day to learn how to put designs from the computer to the flash drive to the Janome. And- would you believe it - I actually pulled it off! Yipeee!

But I did run into challenges. Shortly into the design it broke the thread! O Gosh - I think my heart must have stopped -to think that 3 years of misery was coming back to haunt me? But, I tried to calm myself down & figure out what was going on?

About that time it broke the thread & I could not dislodge it from inside the machine-this really scared the bajebbies out of me as I discovered that there was a little cap on the front of the machine which you insert a tiny screwdriver under & pop it off & then the front piece comes off. It did not take me long to hunt down that misbehaving thread & with a little luck I got it out & the machine back together.

So I started troubling shooting like I had learned with the Brother. That royal blue thread was giving me a fit - so I tossed it & went with a different blue & after it broke one more time it must have got it out of its system and it started to behave itself. Now it was the "threads turn to tremble in fear" because IF they were the trouble makers they were certainly going to be demoted to another job along the way.

The nice thing about this design was that it was Very forgiving of such a variety of colors - I could easily substitute a trouble maker for a good thread and the design never showed it.

I was getting leery after those designs in the machine had worked so well? Maybe I would not be able to use designs purchased online? That would really disappoint me? But, you know how stubborn I am -so I finished that design-and chalked it up to a learning experience-but not one that I enjoy.

I love this fabric , it is so Soft and comfortable . I know the sleeves look really long -but I like to either push them up and have what the kids used to call slouchy - or I can roll them up  and have a little more warmth in the winter-time.

DH borrowed our most wonderful neighbor's tiller that fits on the back of a tractor today & he till our little gardens. It was pretty damp since it had rained this morning , but he says he will let it lay a while & then re-till it to kill out some of the weed seeds.

He was also determined to get to close to my raspberry plants!  Last year he tilled them up & I had NO berries!  I also had to run him out of our artichoke bed. He is a danger to some of our plants!

He made me think of Mama one time . We were young & DH had a garden tiller & Mama asked him to teach her how to run one. So, the two of them got out in her garden & he turned her loose & down through the row she went tilling under all of her plants she had planted. Her remark was " they were my plants - I can till them under if I want to" !  But-Mama never ran the till again - she went back to the hoe !


  1. funny thing about thread. I have 1 shade of red that keeps breaking on me. I Makes me so made cause its such a pretty shade. I finally just threw it out. lol

  2. Love that shirt and the embroidery. Hope it doesn't give you any more trouble. I love that story about your Mom and the tiller!!! It made me smile.