Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Educational Day

It was a busy day , but I was on the search for Knowledge. That shorts set I posted last night was really bugging me. I had to find out more about sizes??????? The measurements of the sizes on the packet were not lining up right - so I wanted to see what sizes in town did?

 So, I took them with me today & compared them in a Kmart  to size 3 through 6 . The shirt looked like it measured up to a 6 and the pants looked like a 4. I was disgusted so  we left & went to our local Goodwill . There I took an educational trip through two rows of children's shirts. It made me wonder if I was on the right planet? How in the world do young mothers even figure out how to buy for their children?  I found that sizes were no help- - size 4 to 5 , size 5 to 6 , size 6 to 7 and when you over laid some of them the the 4 was the same as some 5's and the 3's were the same as some 5's and some 5's were the same as some 7's?? To add to my confusion - some where small , medium and large -which combined a number of sizes -usually at least two sizes , like small being 4 through 6 ,medium 6 through 8 and large being 10 through 12???? 

I ended up bringing home 3 shirts of all different sizes so I could have something to gauge them by? Talk about live & learn?

The one thing that I did learn was that when I have a yard left over from some project - now I do know I can make something from it for children.??????


  1. Linda...sounds like you are using your head in how to figure out this problem! I think the shorts outfit looks really nice! I love the design! :) ♥♥♥

  2. I noticed sizing is crazy any more And sizing on sewing patterns are always BIG in children sizes. Talk about complicated. Give me the olden days. lol I think your lil pink outfit is adorable