Wednesday, February 29, 2012


What is it about "hump-day"? I think for me it is the combination of a week rolled into 3 days? I had that eye appointment  this morning so I got up early to do all my morning chores & feed us & then off we went . My little vehicle is making a bad noise . I am worried it might be the transmission , but I am the worrier in the family - DH always thinks if it "ain't broke - don't fix it"!

We did make it to the eye doctor on time . I totally love my eye-doctor . He is about the same age as our oldest son & he is the only doctor that I actually love to get to go see. He is kind &  gentle & has a quiet personality & he always makes time for his patients to talk to him. He does not make you feel like he needs to dump you out the door -just to see the next patient. I probably also love him because I have never seen "Needles" at his office. :LOL
I could not believe that he gave me such a good report - :for my age"! LOL  He checked my macular & is keeping an eye on it. He said the vitamins I was taking that he had recommended was helping & this time he changed it to Icaps with omega 3 oils. I told him I knew I was needing more omega 3 oils anyway.

I asked him IF they could reuse my frames & they said to check next door & if they could not then there was a way-maybe. With DH guiding me next door we did ask & they said No. So, back we went & she told me that he had a practice in Galax & they filled prescriptions there . He warned me that when they take those frames off sometimes there is the possibility of them shattering  & that sometimes instead of 2 weeks it had been known to take up to 6 weeks. So, I handed over my precious pair that had fixed not only my ability to see but also my fibromyalgia pain from trying to wear just regular frames. These are those extra-light-weight frames that cost me a fortune & that was why I was trying to hang onto them.

I told him I had a spare pair that I carried with me for emergencies & I would fall back on them. These were the ones I had made the week before I had these made & I could NEVER wear them- believe me after the eye drops wore off & I started to see a little - I thought what rotten timing I had picked to do this because our bills are due the end of the week & seeing them to fill them out is going to be mighty "iffy"?  But, you know how bills are -they want their money even if you have to stand on your head.

We had 4 hours to wile away for my counselling appoint & it would save gas if we did not just drive home & come out later so DH went to a fuel oil place & picked up a small part for something to do with our woodstove . I will just have to wait & see .

Then we went right by two thrift stores on our way . I got a small pitcher for fifth cents - I need it for DH's orange juice when I make it from frozen concentrate - and another stop at two health food stores.  We had to stop & get gas & then we made it on time.

My appointment with my wonderful counselor is like being able to just Stop the world  & step off of our world &  be reborn & recharged to step back in & continue our lives. Even if I had the money to pay her - it would Never be enough ! She is Priceless to me.

We finally made it back home & I locked the chickens back up for the night. I fixed us a shepherd's pie with baked beans. We both love the baked beans & we "scrap" over dividing them up equally -down to the last bean- I think I got a few extra tonight! LOL

After we ate I headed to the sewing room with one project , but ended up working on two of DH's lounge pants. The first pair I had made him about 4 years ago now had the pocket ripped out of them - so I got that fixed  & then the pair from 3 years ago where now too short so I added an extension on  them to make them longer.

Believe me I HATE this pair of glasses I am forced to wear right now - so using my dear eyeballs might be very challenging for a while.
O, and to top off the day - we are under a Tornado watch for another hour.
I hope that each of you has had a wonderful day & maybe included some creative pleasures!
Love to all

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  1. Always love to hear about your day!