Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Fabrics

Well, it's a terrible picture , but it is a new box of mostly knit fabrics I caught on sale & am getting ready to work on that Christmas list again. The camo colors will be some kind of shirts for the guys. The yellow & pink mixture will be a pair of lounge pants . I think I have enough fabric for at least 3 pair of lounge pants so far. I think I enjoy can do a better job when I do several at a time, as that kinda helps  me learn what to watch for & get a little better with each one as I go along.

One lesson I have noticed is : I like to start on the project that I want to make for sure will be completed first-but if the really important one is done first -then as I move along -the next ones down the list just improve in quality as I "hone" my skills. LOL

It has been a nice busy day. I got the fabrics & have them all washed & dried now -almost ready to begin. The morning was nice & I got to take that morning walk & do ten pull ups. Yea, I know ten does not sound like a lot , but a Granny has got to start somewhere again. LOL The ground was dry at the top of the hill where I walk , so I like to do them up there -where there is peace and quiet .

I had my counseling sesson this afternoon & we stopped at the drug store to pick up DH's pain meds & arthritis meds - only to be told that they had not received anything from the doctors???? That was suppose to be called in when DH went to the doctor the last visit???? With all of the red tape & hoops you have to jump through now-a-days it is hard for him to get what he needs. Adding to the fact that he is dealing with More pain each day it seems..

Dealing with the fight against cancer is a little like feeling in the dark. When it comes to understanding how it works - it is like a big mystery. When I did ask his Doctor -he said that it is a disease that steadily destroys your health. Then when they said that it  metastases into the bones- I kept attempting to visualize that picture in my head I knew I needed a better answer - so I asked today. I knew that they had mentioned tumors -so I asked how that worked & they said that the tumors can attach themselves to the bones & grow from them or as I visualized the cancer cells can grow inside of the bones & kinda make them crumble & fail.

Also when we got back home this afternoon I fixed us both a banana smoothie & then he ate an apple &  then he got a terrible stomach ache. I do not know what to do to help ease the pain.

While we were out he took me by the dental clinic where I had those top teeth pulled. I told the receptionist that I had one bone growing straight out -like a unicorn's horn - what can I do about it. I think I got lucky because when she reappeared she asked could I be there tomorrow at noon & of course I said yes.You could have blown me over like a feather????? I cannot imagine what in the world he will say & I am scared to death. After those last shots in the roof of my mouth- let's just say that the "fear" I had in the beginning has multiplied! But, I have tried getting it out myself & I cannot get that thing to budge!

Happy stitches to you! :-) 


  1. sounds like you had a full day. But that fabric is therapeutic. playing with fabric has always been calming for me.
    Big hugs to you .. Good luck at the dentist.(I try to stay clear of them myself)

  2. Yaa for new fabric.
    Not so good about your hubby's pain, I hope you can get meds to keep him comfy.
    And as for your dental problems... EEEKKKK! I am cringing for you.