Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Emmett's grey fleece

Each day is a new adventure. I did out door chores early this morning because we had to have our vehicle at the glass shop . It was a 3 hour wait -but - I got to do a lot of reading . LOL  I enjoyed that .  I am so thrilled to have a windshield that is not broken all the way across. It is quiet handsome. LOL I think our vehicle needs some kind of BIG SHIELD sticking up to protect my poor windshield.

Then we had to "Go back to DH's doctor's office to show them that he only got 6 of his pills & he is suppose to take one pill morning & afternoon for a month & that would be hard to pull off with only 6 pills? They called the drug store & straightened that out & we picked them up on our way home after my counseling session. I really needed that because the mishap with the rock brought out some more of the Post Tramatic Stress I am dealing with. I told her that I could not stop trembling for two hours after that happened & I was disappointed in myself because I was really trying to "handle it"!

I had a happy adventure after we arrived home. Our youngest son came up with his best friend , Bronson & Bronson busted up more of the firewood  for us. Emmett brought a black trash bag full of fleece blankets that he had traded some work for the blankets. They were a 5 x7 size I think. The man he got them off of had earned them cleaning up after a tractor trailer that had wrecked . He had tried to find someone to sew two of them together to make a big blanket . He said he had given many of them away trying to find somebody who would do that for him - Yet none of them had been returned .

It did not take me but a jiffy & it had turned two into ONE Big Blanket. I sewed him 5 big blankets & he told me to keep four of the small ones. I am tickled to death because I have wanted to experiment with using a double layer of fleece to make a "warmer" jacket than just using a single piece of fleece. I am so tickled ! As you can see they are a grey in color & I love that!

I could not  help but notice that I was so happy to be able to do something useful for someone else -who also shared with me. To me that was a WIN-WIN  situation!!!!!!!!! LOL

Well, my eyes are giving me a fit - so I better say Good Nite!
Smiles - Linda


  1. Isn't it fun to trade and barter goodies. Those blankets must be huge now and you've got some to play with too. Have fun.

  2. Yaaa for a new windshield AND more pills AND some blankets fabric to play with.
    You are so lovely to sew up the blankets too.

  3. Looks like a very productive day. good for you. that fleece looks warm, pretty grey. it is great to do a good deed for someone. you always get paid in one way or another.. How much fun is that

  4. What a blessing that was getting that fleece. And hope you got the meds figured out. Thank you so much for visiting my "May May's" new blog!!! You are so sweet.