Sunday, February 26, 2012

Curiosity Does What????????????

It has been a busy , successful day with ups & downs. The kids came early to cut firewood-matter of fact they came before I had even rolled out of bed. So everybody went to work- I went out & did morning chores while the grandkids went to cut firewood & the oldest son went with DH under the house because our water that runs in the house from the outdoor wood stove had sprung a leak. They had to take it apart & re-work it & turned the basement into a mud puddle-but they got it fixed.

I started on the cornbread & told the kids it would be ready in 30 minutes - so they hung around as they had already worked up a good appetite. I pulled the corn bread out -it was perfect & I put the bowls & spoons & chow chow out & told them to come on. I could see they were having some strange looks- so one of them finally got brave enough to tell me that the beans were not done - matter of fact the beans were not even plugged in. O Yea -one of those times that you want to disappear . Here they were starving & rock beans. Not to worry I pulled out the pressure cooker & told them to give me 20 more minutes & I transferred the rocks to the pressure cooker. I knew since they had soaked all night long that it would not take much to pressure cook them.

I had transferred them to the pressure cooker & now I could not find the lid!!!!! Now, the kitchen is a very small kitchen & there is only so many places that you can look. I even got the flashlight down & rechecked- but no lid? Then Ronnie (grandson) came & was helping me look -when I noticed his partner , Jade was giving Ronnie some more of THOSE looks - so they both broke down & told me the lid was laying on top of a computer that was sitting right BESIDE the stove ??????????????????????? I was not even seeing the computer because it is a "dead-duck" & to me it is not even there - LOL - By now they all knew I had lost my marbles !

After everybody had eaten & gone out doors I headed to the sewing room to regain a little of my dignity.
I had been dieing of curiosity to see if you could take two of those fleece blankets that Emmett had brought me & put them together somehow to make a warmer jacket. I sat & figured & studied & then hope sprang eternal & I decided to just go for it & see what happens. So this was the first two blankets that I started with.

I decided to start with  the front pieces & here is four pieces of the fleece sandwiched together.

I had made this pattern several years ago & I could remember some of the problems it gave me & I was hoping to re-invent my progress to manage a better job.I decided to put the zipper in first instead of almost last because I knew that for ME- this way I have better luck at getting both pieces to line up & not be cock-eyed.

While I was wandering down the path of creativity everybody finished & came in & said bye . Our oldest son , Cory stopped to take a gander at the lousy embroidery machine to see if he thought that piece was bent. When he leaned back to rest his back - Miss Rosie decided that was a perfect time to snag herself some petting. He was not petting her - she was the one doing the rubbing against his fingers . LOL

Cory said that he did not "trust " her because she was at his back & he could not "keep an eye on her". He probably felt that way about it because he has always been the one who gets the best of her when he holds her down & wools her. She does not forget -and she very seldom forgives until punishment has been rendered. She must have been in a gracious mood today because no punishment was rendered. LOL

When quiet returned & everyone was gone I got back to studying that sheet of instructions to see how else I could organize the process -that was when Miss Rosie thought I needed to see instructions in a different light?

I believe that she thinks she is pretty & so do I - but - she is one of the most cantankerous felines that we have ever shared our life with.  But, she is starting to mellow a little - just like I hope we are. Maybe it is her job today to remind me to take little breaks because of the problems that I am having with my eyes. I have an appointment on Weds to go see what is going on with them ????  My eyesight is one of my most treasured gifts - so it scares me to death to have them get sick. At least today they are good enough to see a beautiful kitty with her lovely blue eyes. :-)

 As I was studying the layout now that I had my papers back all of a sudden at the back of my knees little Mr. Bandit jumped on the back of my knees kinda causing them to buckle forward -to get my  attention. DH used to pull that one all the time on me - so I snapped Bandit's picture - he was "caught in the act". LOL

And last but not least is Miss Cocoa who crawled up in my chair to see if she could be of any assistance. She knows I totally adore her & she always makes me smile when she comes for a visit. My goodness after all of the extra incentive I should manage much better.

I Almost got to the end of my journey with this project - but every time I thought I was almost finished - there was another step I had forgotten about - like cutting out Half of the hood & having to go back & be glad I had the left overs to cut the other half of the hood from. I am also making the hood from double pieces , hoping to keep those ears warm when that cold breeze blows through - or - yeah , I only ended up cutting out One sleeve & had to go back & cut out the other double pieces.

I finally did get "pooped" & decided to quit for tonight before I get too tired & start to mess up -especially since I am now down to the hood! I really do have high hopes for this jacket & I will finally "satisfy" my curiosity about using two pieces of fleece to make a jacket to see if it does indeed make it warmer????????


  1. I can not tell you how many times I look for something and it is right in front of me. You just needed another pair of eyes looking for you. :)
    I cant wait to see the nice warm jacket. I so enjoy seeing your fur babies.

  2. What fun to have family come to fill your wood shed. Even if they didn't enjoy hard beans! How could you not trust Miss Rosie, I've never seen a more beautiful cat. Tell Cory I think he should give her two cuddles to make up for being mean about her!