Thursday, February 2, 2012


I was so tired today because DH was up sick last night & he got me up at 4am to help him. Since I had only gone to bed at 2am -well now you can understand why I am pooped .

I did get him comfortable & he feel asleep quickly . I got up at 8 because I had that dentist appointment.I went outdoors & did up all my chores .By 11 I was ready to go even though I knew that DH was really feeling rough.

He stayed in the vehicle & slept while I was inside . I got to meet a new dentist & he was truly a really Good Human being! He took a good look at that blasted little bone & smiled and said no -problem. Of course it was SO painful & swollen from poking out of my gum & actually cutting the gum that was trying to heal with every bit I would take.

I was determined to be the very best patient I could be. He got hold of it at first with some tweezers & pushed it backwards through the gum and then took a nipper & nipped that booger out of there! Wow- two months of pain instantly relieved. I was so joyous that I threw caution to the wind & gave him a "thank you hug!" He took it like a gentleman - there is something about "granny hugs" that do not scare people to death and I am glad because I was SO appreciative . I still looked like a disaster as I left the office with blood on my face -but I guess people are used to seeing that around there. : -)

We stopped & got DH some supplies & then boogied on home. I called his sister & told her I was so sorry but we could not meet her to celebrate her birthday with her. DH went to bed & I enjoyed my nice quiet retreat in the sewing room while he slept the afternoon away.

My only burr under my saddle was the fact that I had made an appointment for the phone company to fix our service Yesterday  . When I looked it up last night online -the case was closed -but our service was still unusable. I was so miffed at them!

I was trying to figure out where to start on all the projects that I wanted to get a handle on. So , I picked up that first piece with the birds on it & cut out a shirt for my girlfriend over here. She likes shirts that have multiple colors in them so she can wear them with different slacks for variety in her wardrobe. I had cut out the front & back & I got the bright idea to see IF I had a left over scrap??? I did have & it was exactly the same color blue as the birds in the fabric.SOOOOO - I cut out the front & back from the birds & then the sleeves & neckband from the blue. Because I did that I now was able to cut out TWO shirts instead of one! That put a smile on my face. LOL

I was trying to decide on where to start & I decided since I Hate to cut out projects that I might as well tackle the cutting out today , especially since I had a picture in my head of what fabric was for which person. That way I could be able to just sit down & sew-my favorite part of the project! LOL

I managed to cut out Four shirts - two pair of lounge pants & one pair of slacks. YEA! I know that does not sound like a lot -but I spent a good hour trying to locate a pattern that I had stuck in the wrong envelope! BADDDDDD! ME!

That is one thing about you being the only person in your sewing space - you get all of the credit - but when there is a boo-boo - you get all of the blame! LOL But, just being in the sewing room lifted my spirits - as I know that you guys understand all about that!!!!!!!!!!!

Plus, our weather today was SOOOOOO beautiful & I got to take a morning & afternoon walk & at the top of the hill do 20 pull ups! Yea!  Looks like we will have another week that we cheat Old Man Winter out of his fun & that suits me just fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I am just as happy as a bug in a rug & am sending you guys hugs of love! Yea! LOL

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