Monday, February 13, 2012

My young hero

This is our young friend , James who comes & helps cut our firewood & anything that is hard & heavy. He rides his little blue machine & travels approximately 20 mile one way.He does it entirely from the goodness of his heart. I am so grateful to him for all that he does.

While James was working with the firewood we had to go to town to go get DH's meds. I always Hate to leave while James is there - Just in case he should get  hurt.  When I had called & talked to the drug store  on Sat. they had said that we had to come up with 260.73 out of our pocket Before DH could get Any of his meds. If we could not then he could not get his meds all year long -but - they would still take our payments to the insurance company  out of his check each month? How fair does that sound to you. It sounds like a legal way to steal to me.

The only solution I could come up with was to take the money that I had been saving to get my top teeth? So, we went to the drug store & paid that fee - only to discover that NONE of his pain meds  had even been called in??????????? It just seems that nothing ever seems to work out the way it should.

We had also gone by the doctor's office & picked up his cancer meds but when we got home with them Only one of them was  in the bag & the other one that they said HAD to be taken with it were not there? See why I find myself getting lost. Now, it will require more phone calls & more trips to town with gas that we are almost out of the money to pay for that.  Sometimes I just wish I could stick my head in the sand?

I want to find something creative to do , but I look at the embroidery machine & the 45.00 that it cost to get it unlocked & then be able to only do about 75 stitches & then it gets the thread jammed up again?

I look at the serger & the Janome sewing machine & wonder how bad they hate me today?I want to work on those two black & grey tee shirts that I cut out , but I have to embroider on them first & I cannot do that .

Well that is how my day has gone .
How is life treating you today! :-) 


  1. your friend James is a real blessing... How sweet of him to come by and help. Don't you wish there were more James's in the world.

  2. I totally understand your pain!!! I can only imagine what you go through with your husband. That is like stealing. I just don't understand sometimes. It just looks like if someone needed something there would be a way to get it. I went to a chiropractor today because besides my hands, my shoulder has been killing me. They say it is trying to come out of place. Anyway, I am miserable but I think of your poor husband and it makes me feel awful for even complaining. I am still praying for you.

  3. So sorry about the blasted medical bills!
    I think it is so WRONG that your husband cannot get his pills FOR FREE when he so obviously needs them.
    People can get there meds here free is they really can't afford them.
    Perhaps you should make a few tops etc without the embroidery, just so you can be making something?
    It's wet here today, but still warm, so that's nice.
    Only.... the dogs stink cos they got wet too.

  4. Oh Linda, stay strong and something will happen to help you out. I'm praying for you and sending hugs. XXX
    Oh No my security word is billing...I bet you don't want that either!

  5. Linda I wish I lived closer so I could just give you a BIG hug.
    I am pleased you have a wonderful young man like James that comes and helps out.