Saturday, February 4, 2012

Creativity Feeds Our Soul

I am very proud of myself -no I did not build a mansion or climb the world's  tallest cliffs-but in the mist of exhaustion & too much to do & a drizzly dark & gloomy day I did manage to sew me a set of plain , comfortable slacks from a pattern that I drafted by myself - for myself. There are no pockets because I did not want to draw attention to my nice big, fat & wide hips, probably from birthing 3 babies through the years. : -)

I did get those bills all ready to go out on Monday morning and that makes me so happy. I do need to get some sleep for a change. This staying up will 3 AM is not good for anybody. I love it because it is so quiet and peaceful -but IF I could turn myself around then early in the morning would be too. I know this & yet I still drag my feet!

I did take an afternoon walk in the drizzling  , dark clouded afternoon. I wish I had taken my camera because when I went to lock up the chickens I was so tired & hurting so much that I thought that would be as far as I could drag myself-But- now that I tell myself that I am "renting " this body & I should try to upkeep it better-that gave me the initiative to wobble up the hill trying to avoid slip-sliding in the mud.

I made it to where the grass was & Heard a loud commotion , which turned out to be the wild deer warning each other that danger was coming. First I saw 8 white tails as they flashed in the dusky pine trees . I was elated to discover that there were still deer after all those deer hunters killed as many as they did.

Now still watching where I stepped I hear more sounds and all of a sudden it looked like a deer jamboree .
They seemed to just explode like a star-burst in all directions.I counted 26 flashing white tails. I was in pure awe! With all of the excitement I had made it to the top of the hill & could now come back down. I wish the deer would come put on a show for me more often as it makes the walk less like work & more like fun.:-)

DH is still under the weather & in his chair. I had kept carrying him water today . He needs to drink more , but he is like a kid who hates water.We honestly do not know if this is from his cancer or a bug of some kind, but his stomach has been so sick for the last 4 days & nights. His lips are badly chapped & he is weak , but you know how that is when you are under the weather , so we are calling it a bug. He does have a doctor appointment for this we will see?

I  hope you have had a dose of "something feel good" today.We all need that both for our emotional & our physical health!
Love to all & hope you are having a great weekend.


  1. I bet that was so neat seeing and hearing all those deer. And yes, they say water is so good for you but I am like your hubby. It is hard for me to make myself drink it like I should. Praying for you both.

  2. Hi Linda,
    Fingers crossed for more sleep, hope you find some. It would be lovely to see deer while walking, it would make walking so much more fun. Hope DH gets better soon. Cheers, Anita.