Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cory's b-day shirt

Today it was blue-blazing Cold - it was absolutely miserable outdoors doing chores.  I worked on making sure that everybody had some nice warn water this morning. . I carried more wood too. I started with a couple of armfuls & then I spotted DH's truck & it was just too good to pass up. I sweet-talked it into helping me. I put about half a load on the truck & backed it down to the stove.

Then I trotted in the house & fed us & cleaned up our mess just in time for the phone man to show up. He was a very nice young man who said that he & his wife had a horse farm with 60 horses of different breeds. I wondered how they kept them fed? It also made me miss my Princess-the appaloosa that I loved so much.
He  thinks he has the phones fixed. It was something that the office had done & I am suppose to call them tomorrow?
 I fixed us some broccoli quiche &  baked beans for supper , cleaned up the mess once again & headed to the sewing room, hoping it would not be like yesterday. I should have known better. I cut out a shirt for our son's birthday & used my new super dooper scissors that Jodi had given me. They are absolutely wonderful - so easy to maneuver. That part was great. The fabric I had purchased for 1.50 a yard from a little fabric store out in the country & I liked the color - a light tan. It has a little weight to it - so I think it will be ok for a tee shirt to wear with his lounge pants.

But this project turned into a 3 hour war between me & the serger & the sewing machine- they Both went nuts on me. I was so mad at them-it seemed like they were doing it for no good reason & these two I normally do not have a problem with. I ran every trouble shooter I could think of & reworked the tension a dozen times & just wanted to have a "hissy-fit". But then I remembered reading somewhere that a lady had said that she only used Maxi-thread in her serger & I had that - so I pulled it out & put it on & Yep- you guessed it  The Thread had been my problem with this project. ! Can you believe it??????

I am having a terrible time getting pictures of the shirts. They are normally large sizes & makes it hard to make them look good. This one does not have any embroidery on it like I would normally have on it thanks to that dumb embroidery machine being on the "fritz". All that trouble to get it fixed & then get maybe 75 stitches out of it before it locked up with the thread once again?

Well, at least I have a couple of gifts to celebrate Happy Birthday to our oldest son who turns 38 . :-)

Well, gotta go feed that woodstove  & all in bed. Here it is almost 3AM- see how hard it is for me to keep up .
love to All!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Happy birthday to Cory. I'm sure the new shirts will be great even without deer on them.

  2. Happy Birthday to your son.. Isn't it great you can make him a shirt.. Hugs

  3. Happy Birthday Corey...
    He will really love his new shirt.

  4. sorry you are having sewing machine trouble again.
    The shirt looks good, I'm sure your Son will like it.