Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday nite & Monday morning snow

Well, at least Some of us enjoyed the snow-those white dots are where the snow kept blowing on my camera lens , as it was coming down like rain.

After I got to the little hen-house I discovered that there was "Trouble in Paradise"! The hens were all scooting away from the center -where the Miss Guinea - had come to get out of the snow. She is so mean  to all of the hens that nobody wants anything to do with her. She will grab them by their wings & just fling them around like an old rag doll. I tried getting her out, but without any success . She was determined to stay in our of the snow & SO SHE DID!  LOL

Honeybear was having problems plowing through the snow because she is so short. But, that did not matter to her as she was having so much fun.  She let me & the other furbabies make a path for her.

I had to laugh at some of the "spare" roosters that run free & roost in the trees. They just did not think much of this white stuff.

This guy was the first to make it to his tree & he said he was going to stay there for a while too.

It looks like magic right now . If I ever get my wish I would wish for a "sunroom" - only I could call it the "snow room" where I could sit & watch the snow. I say that I don't like snow ,but that is because I Hate to get out in it. I don't like to get cold & wet & even fall down & get hurt-or people who have to drive in it for jobs. But I do love to just watch those little snowflakes come tumbling down from the heavens. Isn't it amazing that each one is totally different? That is hard to wrap my mind around.

There were two embroidery machines on Ebay that I have been watching & I let the first one go last night. Probably because of all the problems I have had with this Brother PE-700II. . Now that I know it cannot be fixed I find myself in a quandary .  I thought ok, I will let this one go & see how I feel about it?? Well, it did not take very long for me to discover a very interesting fact.

Without the embroidery work to make it article specific to what ever person I am making things for - - - - - I just did not want to sew? With no way to tell someone that I love them & that is is because of something I know about you & respect you for - ??????  I am not saying this for ANYBODY else- just my feelings.

I know of MANY of my friends who have just given their machines away or sold them -it was just too much trouble to them & I would be the first one to tell everybody that thinks about embroidery - it can be a nightmare. Each type of fabric seems to offer up its own unique set of challenges & you throw in all of the different tidbits of how you manage to pull a project off including threads , stabilizers, tension settings , bobbin problems & even if you think you have a machine that hates you-these things can all have an effect on your work.

I cannot speak for all of the machines as I have only had Two. This brother PE-700II which has broken my heart & the little Bernina Deco 650 which only does a 4 x 4 project  & you have to us a Magic Box to get your designs into the machine . But, it is an excellent little machine.

I wanted the Brother PE-700II because of the ease of transferring designs from the Internet straight into the machine -plus, I wanted the larger design. Well, I got both of those wonderful features- But - they do me no good with a machine that cannot be fixed.

Well, that is just my thoughts for the day - maybe as the snow melts outside -the perfect answer will present itself to me .

So, enjoy your weather no matter where you are !
Love to all

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful snow.
    Your furbabies really love playing in it.
    Great photo of the rooster in the tree.
    Hope you work out your machine problems soon.