Friday, February 10, 2012

A Gift

A gift is something given from the heart with no expectations of anything in return.That is what I received in the mail from  my E-buddie,  all the way from Oregon~ I said we were almost as far away from each other as you could be in the good ole USA I on two opposite sides .

Her name is Jodi & she is also a pro at packaging things .I could not find one little inch free space in the little box. The bright red in the back is a toilet seat cover & I love it . I have been wanting to make some of them for a few years now.The little black square in the back is a REALLY neat potholder. Matter of fact I have never seen a heavy terry cloth potholder before . It is so nice and soft & flexible & she embroidered a cute little scarecrow .

On the left back is a pattern for a purse that you change out the covers to have you a new look for your purse without all the trouble of pulling everything out . Neat idea. The brown on the left is napkins & a checked hand towel. I saw a demonstration with a towel that looked exactly like that one & the gal had used something she called paint sticks. She painted a banner on it & made it look like a wrapped package.   They had a rubbing board with designs on it & you laid it under the front of your fabric & then rubbed the design you picked. It certainly did transform that fabric. 

She had also taken a black piece of fabric & then rubbed blue & copper flower designs on it & you would never have guessed it started out as just a plain piece of black cotton & she sewed it into an apron. The top was different from any I had seen . It made you think of a halter top but with a waist band sewed on & the bottom skirt part. 

O, check these out - aren't they just the cutest! I am thinking I see place-mats-maybe? What do you think?

The characters are so cute & they really pop from that black fabric

I am just so in love with this gift. They are some of my favorite colors  & I LOVE the way she embroidered the center insert . Up close that red pincushion looks real enough to make you want to pick it up & use it. The bobbins are so pretty too-but you know how it is -ANYTHING SEWING is a good thing~  The two green strings on the sides are to tie it up with -so basically it is a book that you can tie up. Now for the insides~

  There are pockets on both front & back of the inside of the "book" & the pages are made of heavy duty baggies~ How Neat is that! I am totally in love with it. Matter of fact I am so in love with it that I do not want to use it & get it dirty! LOL

I will definitely keep it around just to admire it for a while . It is made a lot like an idea I have been thinking about - the same basic design only shrink it down much smaller & have the plastic pages to store your flash drives in?  What do you think?

And , last but not least check out this chargeable scissors!!!!!!!!!!!! I had my doubts but I went ahead & charged it over night for the 12 hours it called for . They are manufactured by Black& Decker & I do have faith in them . I was VERY CURIOUS to get my paws on them  this morning for a "test drive" .Would you believe they work like a charm! They just purr though fabric like a knife though melted butter! I was totally amazed! They are  very light weight &  easy to handle & are  wonderful for my painful hands! Talk about a winner! 

There is no way I could ever repay her - but I can certainly appreciate her kindness & generosity  & thank her for a grand education!!!!!!!!!!!

Aren't friends just so great! 

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