Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Computer chair covers

Today is one of those days that you think your house is going to "blow-away"!  Sometimes I like to think that Mother Earth is just "sweeping" her porch and it can also be a real "clutter-control". LOL Plus, after having all this snow come to visit & then make such a mess - the temperature is back to just long sleeve weather. I think that Mother Nature is almost as confused as I am at times????

I am kinda trying to come out of that depressions I was sinking into over that embroidery machine disaster. I am watching a couple of machines & also learning more about them & while I am "instigating" a plan - I started to look around to see what I could sew -without embroidery. I decided to practice on a set of simple covers for the two chairs that DH & I use in the kitchen. Those two chairs have a way of getting dirtier than any chair in the house.Part of it is that they are the first thing you bump into when you come in the back door, so they catch anything you are carrying or letting you take your coats off??? Then between the cats & the pups they love to doze there also & that's not forgetting that when DH comes in from the stove he likes to plop down & challenge that card game - Spider Solitary. So they are probably in use 90% of the time.

 It was a funny experience because with these bright colors of those polyesters that I had been given -all of a sudden I did not want to get them all filthy - so I considered making a cover for a cover.!   ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe not - maybe I will wait till I get that new embroidery machine & then make a Spiffy pair! LOL
But, at least I am over the "depression - hump"! YEAH!!!!!!!!!

I will share with you a funny - how to overcome -experience that I had last night.
I spent the afternoon watching tv with DH , but I was thinking how I had wasted 3 whole days. There was dirt on the floor where the furbabies had been in and out- and in and out - in all that MUD-just like kids. I really wanted to embroider something and came to realize how much that I relied on my sewing/embroidery as therapy!
When it came time to go to bed I was really tired but I just could not go to sleep. There was none of that "satisfied "feeling that you get from doing something you think is creative. I tossed and turned over and over again. Finally I thought I could turn the light on and read? When I turned the light on it almost knocked my eyeballs out -it seemed so bright. I did read for about half an hour & tried it again. Still more tossing & turning. :?????

So, I took all of the pillows & piled them up near the window -opened the window to where I could now see all of those beautiful Stars up there in the night sky. I watched them wink & blink at me. I wished my eyes were not giving me trouble so that I could see them better. I pulled a blanket up around me & had a peace settle in as I breathed in the night air. The next thing I knew it was 4 AM in the morning & I was shivering from the window being open. LOL

I closed the window & settled down appreciating a warm bed and some good sleep. It must have helped jar me out of that gutter because this morning things look different. I even woke up earlier than usual & got all of my morning chores accomplished & that always feels so much better. This afternoon I get to see my counselor/friend who always has a way of letting you see things in a totally different way.Thank goodness for these people who carry a magic within themselves to help others.
love to all & may you have a blessed day!


  1. Love your writings...There are times I can really relate..

  2. LOL you did make me laugh Linda. A cover for the cover.......

  3. If you covered the chairs with a removable cover you could make a few so you can rotate the look!
    And wash them when they got dirty.
    Falling asleep watching the stars sounds nice.