Monday, February 27, 2012

Double layer fleece jacket-curiosity satisfied

Well, "Sewing  Families" - I am here to tell you that you can make a VERY warm fleece jacket from a double layer of those little fleece blankets (aprox. 6ft. x 8ft.) . It took 6 of them to complete this jacket.

As I cut out each piece from a double layer of fleece I then zig-zagged  all around the piece to keep them even . I think that helped to make them behave themselves and not try to walk all over the place with me.

I tried it own & of course it swallowed me up-but then I rolled the sleeves up to my size -which would be smaller than a man's size & you talk about WARM!  Where was this jacket when we had that blue-blazing cold last month - I sure could have used it!  LOL

Of course IF my dead embroidery machine was working I would have embroidered something on it -like maybe an eagle flying on the front? So, without embroidery - it seems kinda naked to me. I did make one Bad boo-boo & that was where the hood & the front hook together - I just serged them together & I did not like that look, I took them apart & turned the raw edges to hide that top edge of the zipper & I liked that better-except I had kinda "shagged " the fleece & did a satin stitch to cover it. I wish now that I would have used gray thread to do that. But, live & learn. I am anxious to get it to my son & see what he thinks -since he was the one who got me the fabric to play with.

I am pleased to satisfy my curiosity & can state that it is REALLY warm & soft. Both of those work great with my fibromyalgia which likes to complain about everything that touches me. But, I shut him up this time! LOL  If that young man that we got it off of has anymore to part with I might make some for all of the family  and for him too. I am a happy camper when I can make somebody happy - as DH asked Emmett if the young man liked the blankets I sewed for him & the answer was yes- that he did not expect to get that many of them back -since nobody else had returned anything to him. LOL Let's just say I made him enough to make sure he is warn in the winter time. LOL

I did not have hardly Any scraps left over - I am going to check them out & see if there is enough to make a doggie coat,maybe? WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I can't stand to throw out scraps if there is a use for them. Plus, I can shred them with my scissors & add them to the bag of shredded knits that I intend to put in another doggie pillow, as I noticed somebody was shy one last night- who knows they probably had a 'doggie- pillow -fight'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

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  1. That jacket looks wonderful.
    You could decorate it a bit by applique'ing something pretty on it?