Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Lounge Pants

I enjoyed working with this cotton knit fabric. It behaved itself for me. I am always grateful for that.LOL

Yesterday was a bad day for us. DH was in so much pain in his stomach. I called his cancer doctor who told me to take him to the emergence room where they could run tests. We were there 12 hours-went in around lunch time & came out very late. When we first started neither of us wore a coat -but both of us wished we had one as we headed to the car.

I had chores & then worked on the wood-stove. Thank goodness it still had coals so I could coax it back to life. I was so distraught that I could not sleep. I tossed and turned & woke up at 3AM & the house felt cold so I boogied outdoors to check the stove. It was hungry once again & I turned the fan back on & headed back to bed.Then I tossed and turned for an hour & a half. I decided if I did not go to sleep in ten more minutes I would get up and sew. I knew I needed the sleep as I had one of those "lack of sleep headaches". But I got lucky & those ten minutes sent me off to dream land once again.

Today we went to the country to get our dog tags to make our furbabies legal for another year. That is one burden off of my mind.  We came on home & worked outside with the firewood & my critters. We were doing good until our eyes met & we both started to cry. The hospital had been bad news that his distended tummy -the one giving him so much pain - is the cancer & his lymph system , plus more in his reproductive system. Seems like it is going every where.   It is so hard to see someone you love suffering.

I kept thinking today that there is so much that I do not know how to do because he has taken it over .I got a bright idea to see if I can video some of the things that he does & file them so maybe I can figure it out when I get in a pickle. (one thing that I AM really Good at!) ;-)

I was attempting to get a close-up , but those little green spaces says Cheers!
I did test using a crochet belt & I think I like it?

Well midnight is almost on me- so I better go feed that stove.
love to all & many new wonderful projects~

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  1. oh sweetie I am so sorry to hear you are having rough days with hubby. I hate that Big "C" I don't understand why they can't do more for the pain.
    But I am glad to see you can still enjoy your sewing.
    Prayers are always with you