Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sometimes I wish I could just take my "brain chip " out & upgrade it to a sharper version. The first thing this morning I checked on E-bay about an embroidery machine I was hoping for & I watched it till lunch with high hopes & then watched it fly out of my budget. I am trying not to be disappointed because there is one more I am watching ??

I did more research on the Bernina Deco 340 machines & they are basically the same machine as the Janome 350 except that the Janome seems to sell higher everywhere I looked. It is hard for me to really understand  how people can afford these machines and then they go up into Thousands of dollar?????

But I was in "stealth" mode also hoping to keep on eye on DH's trips in and out of the sewing room . I was trying to pull a "sneaky"! I had managed to smuggle in some bright red flannel (red is his favorite color)  with firetrucks all over it (he Loves firetrucks). I worked hard all after noon being sneaky .

I was getting to the end of the project when I could not remember if I had put a tie cord in that last pair of camo colors I had made him for Christmas & I spotted them in the dirty clothes so I pulled them out & my heart just sank(again?) I had plum let it slip my mind that he was the one that wanted a fly in his lounge pants & these did not have that ???????????????????????  O DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of my "sneakiness" & it was I that it was pulled on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dag nab it!

I did finally manage to get those dirty floors tackled where the furbabies had tracked in like a bunch of kids! That made me happy.

O guess the best laid plains often go astray. LOL  The wind is about to blow us away again & we are under a high wind warning . I hope you are hanging onto your hat if you do too!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I am sure your DH will love his new lounge pants even though you did not put a fly in them.

  2. Can you not just cut a 'fly' into the pants? Just add a bit of fabric either side of the cut front and make a fly?

    I am sure you can!