Sunday, February 19, 2012


I had been out this morning & completed all of my chores. But from the time that I went in the back door & DH told  me to look out the front door - This was what was happening.

We both feel so wore out today. DH had been up a lot during the night & lost sleep so I think that is why he is felling rough. Me? I think I am getting my days & nights mixed up & yes, it is my own fault. But like last night when I went up to "feed" the stove & was coming back to the house - it was just so beautiful- the stars & the moon  & the quiet enveloping me in a cloak of darkness. There are times I feel so sorry for people who live in the big cities with all of the commotion -they never get to experience the gift of quiet.

This was another "gift" that I received today - the gift of the sound that Snow makes as it crashes to the earth. Of course it is a different sound if it lands on a roof-top & also different roof-tops have different sounds also. When you are right out there in the midst of it - it has another quiet- busy sound.

I came in & went to the sewing room - but golly jeepers I was so tired that I caught myself snoozing at the keyboard & would come to my senses before I would topple out of my chair. LOL I was trying to do some research on embroidery machines. There are two on E-bay I would like to have & I know they would be good machines - not like this Brother PE-700II that is a lost cause. I Really do not want to give up my embroidery work that I love so much?

These two are both Bernina's & each have their pro's & con's ???  I also checked out some Janome's  . After moving on up from the 4 x 4 to the 5 x 7 -I really do not want to go back. That size is good for getting into pillowcases .

One thing I have noticed this morning is that the market is swamped with Brother PE-700II's . I hope that does not mean that there are a LOT of people who will be so disappointed -like I am.I understand that "machines will be machines" -but after pouring money & time & effort into getting this machine fixed & and it is still unusable just breaks my heart. And, the fact that the company really just does not care -what does that say ????  Maybe that we each buy a "pig in a poke" -so buyer beware.

OK, enough whining , time to do something constructive.Time to go feed DH , so I give you one last look at our crazy weather?

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