Sunday, February 5, 2012

Starting on lounge pants for Christmas 2012

Yep, working on Christmas is up & running . I fret all year long until I manage to pull of some gifts for Christmas- . When I get stressed I stop to remember how wonderful it is to not have to fight those crazy crowds at a time when we are suppose to be happy & relaxed , a time to really count our blessings.

I managed to catch this particular piece of cotton knit on sale at It is entirely out of my "comfort-zone". I have discovered that for me I enjoy solid colors & this was like taming a wild horse. But, we came to compromise & I think both of us ended up happy.Me because I have a Christmas present & the fabric because it transformed from a flat piece of fabric into a usable pair of lounge pants

This is a closer look at the design, cotton rib knit Abstract Sorbet Citrus & it was on sale for 1.74 yd.  It was very enjoyable to work with after we reached that agreement & I was afraid I would scorch it when it came time to set the stitches, but it pressed like a dream?  So, live & learn or at least that is my motto. LOL

It was a lovely day -probably because I got to work in the sewing room all afternoon.It was cold enough to have to wear a coat outside & it had rained this morning so everything was soaking wet. The fire was down to a few coals this morning, but with some tender loving coaxing she was up & running by the time I had completed the outdoor chores.

DH is not having a good day today - it is still his belly that is hurting him so much. I will be glad to see his doctor this Weds. I do not like to see him suffer like this. I know that he is scared because I am also.

I did get to take my afternoon walk & did not get to see any of "my deer-now that the deer hunters are finished hunting for this year."  I did hear one snort in the brush warning the others that I was around. LOL
Back to the building I cleaned out the guinea pigs cage & carried in my grain from the vehicle , which we had picked up on Friday. It took me this long to get my strength up to tackle it.

Last , but not least - I tackled the stove once again. I wobbled back to the stove with a heavy log ( heavy to me) It took me a while to sweet-talk it to where I needed it to go. There were two logs already in the stove bottom & I wanted this one to fall on top of them so I could then heave it in with their help. I thought it was going to whip me there for a few minutes , but I did not give up & ever so slowly I inched it in there. That should hold the fire until bedtime .

We had a light supper , I had eggs & beans & DH had eggs & a venison burger. He only ate half of his & he tried an apple but he could not eat that either. He said it did not taste good, but I tasted it & it was a good apple so it is his taste buds. I hope it is only a bug that he can shake.

Well, I better get moving (not hopping tonight- lol) I still have dishes calling me & some laundry to put away . You know how it is , seems there is always something that needs to be done.

O let me add a link to a neat blog I visited .

AT the top is a quilt block that is so neat & you can really use some small scraps here.
Then on down the page is a project that is a tote -since Moments blog by Liz is having a tote sew along this month -this might help inspire everyone.
Just sharing - you never know when it will help to get somebody else s Mojo working. LOL


  1. Yikes Linda, you're so busy looking after your pets and caring for your sick DH, running the house and now you've started Christmas sewing. Keep it up girl and just let me sleep.
    Cheers from here.

  2. OMGOODNESS Linda I am still getting over last Christmas.
    As Sue saus you are so busy I don't knon how you do it all.

  3. You really keep busy don't you.. WOW where do you get your energy.
    I like the lounge pants really cute..