Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mom's black cotton /spandex slacks

Isn't Miss Rosie funny - I wonder if she is really saying her prayers? She is a real character who guards my sewing room . I have worked all day long & I am so bushed.Of course morning chores came first & then our breakfast, and afterwards cleaning up our mess. We humans are SO messy.

We were expecting DH's sister to show up & I had things I longed to complete , so I grabbed Honey Bear the pekingese & gave her a bath. She looked so dis-respectable . She was covered in dirt because she LOVES to go out with me & then her main joy is sliding back down the hill when we come back to the house. Sometimes just doing the hootchy-kootchy back & forth as she comes down-thus result is a belly so dirty that sometimes I cannot get it clean. But at least she smells better  & I was smart this time & locked the doggie-door before she could make a break for it - so she settled for rolling -over & over & over the floor. 

Then I moved on to the living room & slide DH across the room so I could have space to pull the furniture from one side to the middle so I could steam clean the hardwood floor. It always amazes me how beautiful it is when it is clean & it is really hard to keep clean when you have 7dogs -3 cats-& two human beings who go out in all of our mud.. I really Hate mud-but it seems that it certainly Loves us.

So , I scooted everything back & completed the other side & then everything back in place & did the center. It was so pretty that I kept the doggie-door locked for several hours today , just so I could enjoy it. LOL

Nobody had showed up yet - so I headed to my bedroom & started tearing it apart looking for a small jar I had misplaced. Of course that was when I discovered how bad the mice damage had been & it literally made me sick. They had even got in a metal cabinet & between the chewing damage & the mice droppings it was awful

It had almost got dark on me before I knew it & my back was complaining. Well, there are only two small spaces left & I hope to search them tomorrow afternoon. So I took a break & we snacked on some brownies I had made and a glass of milk. Yea, I know they are not great for our  health -but they certainly are comfort-food.I ran up & fed the stove for the second time today & that will only leave one time left tonight around 12ish.

I can tell my body is mad at me for putting it through too much today because every joint is screaming in pain. DH called his sis to see where they were & she told him that it was Saturday they were coming????????????? I knew it was too good to be true -because this would have been the first time for them to visit & I actually had things looking pretty good & a fresh pot of beans with cornbread & the brownies would have been for dessert.

My next move was to head to the sewing room & check out a project.

. HUM????????????? This is very strange - because this is a pair of slacks that I have bought the fabric from The School House & it is a piece of BLACK cotton knit with spandex . I was hoping to find out that since it has the spandex in it -maybe it will not wrinkle up all around my knees???? But as you can see - it definitely does not look BLACK to me ??????????????? Wonder how that happened?


  1. Oh that sounds like something I would do! Get ready for company and it be the wrong day! lol
    Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Very smart "not black" pants! I love Miss Rosie's face, she looks like she's in a blissful moment. I hope your house stays clean until the visitors arrive but if it's like my place it wont...people always come to me when I'm in a mess.

  3. I had to giggle when I saw the pic of you fur baby.. How cute they seem to actually pose for you. I too bathed my lil Abby yesterday.
    You amaze me where do you find all your energy. I don't think I could keep up with you. I get worn out changing a load of cloths.

  4. Hmmmm!! No not black but they look good anyway.
    Hope you enjoyed your vistiors after all your cleaning.