Saturday, February 18, 2012

She's At It Again

See- I made the mistake of laying this green polyester on the cutting table & that is all it takes. It has to be one hundred percent approved by Miss Rosie!

This was the fabric that my Sister-in-law & her DH gave me that came from both of their Mothers , who have passed. I kept wondering what to do with them & today it hit me that I would make the computer chairs a cover from the polyester because it is so tough & it takes a beating & keeps on keeping on --plus, it is so easy to wash!

It did me No Good to rearrange it & try to even it up so I could make straight cuts- Miss Rosie was still testing it out. She is so full of herself.
It was So warm & nice here today - and now they are calling for either rain or snow tomorrow- we will just have to wait & see which it turns into? My daffodils & tulips are sure wishing for rain! I have Never seen my tulips this early in the year before - it is usually around Easter time-so I don't know whether I should be thrilled -OR- scared stiff I might lose them?????????????????????????

Our company did come today & had a nice visit. Kat brought me their sheet that had ripped while they were in bed so I hopefully sewed it up, but it was that material that wants to keep on raveling . I used a very dense zigzag stitch & I hope I caught it all.

I gave them both their birthday presents (His was in Nov. &hers was in Feb. ) so I was a little late. He liked his John Deere lounge pants - yes , I added pockets  & hers was a pair of shorts that I had drafted a pattern for. I wanted to see how I had done & they seemed to pass inspection.Now, I just need to REMEMBER to pick the more stretchy knits for the job.I have another piece of knit I wanted to test because it has the spandex in it & I am hoping that might keep it from "wrinkling " so  much when she sits down?? I would bet you IF I am not careful & pick a nice ,comfortable cotton with very little stretch that it would not work.

See, I am still LEARNING so much& I hope my Brain appreciates my effort. :-)

Oooops - time to go check that woodstove !
Hope you have had a wonderful day!
Love to all!

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  1. Love the photos of Miss Rosie...
    did you end up cutting your fabric???