Tuesday, January 31, 2012

What A Mixed Bag of Tricks

these last few days have been? I went from trying to draft a shorts pattern for my sister-in-law & because the knit was stretched out of shape they had given me a few "head scratching" times -almost to the point of throwing it all in the trash- to

Actually completing a pair of size XXXL shorts -all completed. But , they fought me every stitch of the way. Now , I just need to see how they fit before I make my final  conclusion.

Remember we had taken the embroidery machine to a new man only 28 miles from us. Well, that is another funny story. We took it last week- and we picked it up yesterday . He said that it gave him a FIT & that he had tried to call us 3 times last week to tell us to come get it . LOL  BUT - it turned out that our phones were out of order & we did not know it -until a girlfriend finally figured out a way to get a hold of us to tell us what was wrong.

Isn't it funny how things work out sometimes. LOL

This was my excuse for not saying hi last night. Our youngest grandson & his Mom & Dad came by for a visit- well, they brought us some groceries & they were deeply appreciated . They brought some bananas so I made everybody a banana smoothie. We ate them but they were not so great because the bananas had a green taste to them & I had run out of banana extract that I could have added to help overcome the green taste. But , none of us wasted them . He is 14 months old now - how time does fly?

Just like tonight - I had tried numerous times to send the pictures I have taken of them -but for some reason the computer would just freeze up- stubborn like a mule.
So, I got the bright idea that I would put them on a flashdrive -why in the world I had not tried that before now????????????????? I went though all of my digital pictures & I think they will be amazed at some of them that I do not think they know about. But, you know how it is when you get lost in time & the next thing I knew  another day had slipped away as that clock hand went over the midnight hour & here it is 2:30 in the morning? GRRRR!
So, love to you all & hope you can keep up with your day better than I seem to. : -)

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