Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remember those scraps from the jacket?

You know how it is - the majority of fabric folks love fabric & also never want to waste any. Maybe partly from that generations old saving - "Waste not - want not".

SO when I had those left over scraps from the jacket yesterday I could not bear to just throw them away. SOOOOOO - I decided to make Miss Mochia a jacket for those cold nights to go potty.. She was actually very patient with me . IF I had an embroider machine that would work I would have added some designs on it, but since mine does not work - I had to settle for a solid coat without any embellishments

. Wonder what she is attempting to tell me?At least she was not like my first chihuahua who Bit me because I was crocheting her a jacket & she got tired of me putting it on & taking it off for measurements! LOL
It was a perfect weather day today-It was one of those "short - sleeve" days & holding my breath worrying
about all these flowers?

Not my "finest" project - but she will appreciate it more when it is freezing LOL

I had a few scraps left so I cut them out  & when I ASKED my machines to sew 6 layers of fleece - they balked on me. The serger just throwed them out away from him -so I moved to the sewing machine & when it discovered that the pile was so tall that I could Barely get the fabric under the pressure foot -even with me holding it up as high as it could go - it asked me IF I was some crazy woman -treating it like it was a commercial machine?????????????? LOL

AaaaHHHH shoot - it was fun messing with their "chips" . LOL
Hope you guys had a wonderful day too. :-)

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