Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You never know where a learning project will pop up

In our neck of the woods we are getting plenty of Rain! So much so -that we have flood warnings in effect. Thank goodness that we live up high ! I tried to place our house as close to where my grandparents house was that had burned down. So that should keep us kind of safe , except on the rare occasions that we do get flooded there is a creek that runs in front of our house and we drive through it coming and going. But - the last time we had a flood it came across the main highway where the pipe had gotten stopped up and it completely washed out our road. It was totally amazing to stand and look up -up-up Six feet in the air to the main road?? Thank goodness for our older son and his kind boss who loaned him the heavy equipment to rescue us. :)

SOOO on this nice rainy day I knew I would not have as much time as I had hoped for -for a project . But. last year my DH was using his buffer to clean the wax off of our car-when all of a sudden the fluffy pad just flew to pieces. He brought it in and I told him that I thought I could make him one. Well, he was not in a big hurry for it so I put it up in the sewing room until I could figure out what fabric I could use for it.

And remember that Sewing Guild that I got to attend last week with Lynne???? Well, that sheepskin like fabric was on one of the tables and it must have had my name on it because nobody else seemed to want it . :)
My next move was to make me a pattern of the pad and I guessed at the dimensions and this was the start .

 I was rather proud of myself for this amount of achievement! It was almost like I had a  brain -for a change. I believe that someone must have locked the door on that hateful fibromyalgia fog! Thank goodness for a reprieve!

See, it is starting to actually look like it might come together! I am so pleased!

Hummmmm? ? Today is my counseling day- maybe I was just inspired and the pressure lifted and I was actually able to kind of fit pieces together for once!

This was when we tested it on one of the pieces that you first put it on. It was nice to see that DH was enjoying the project because it pleases me to do something that any of us would appreciate and use.:)

Ahhhhhh - it is starting to actually look like something now! :)

It fits perfectly and while it may only be Just a tad prettier than the average commercial buffing pad - I am tickled! How about that? Doesn't it just make you smile inside when you pull off something? The ability to take a flat piece of fabric and transform it into an object that you can use is just such a wonderful pleasure. Well, maybe my angels were just watching over me today to help me complete a finished project with nothing tearing up along the way! YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Clever Tart! I reckon it would look good on a stool too... to cushion your butt! lol