Friday, August 27, 2010

Another RUN day!

Don't you just love those days when you run all day long and you feel like a puppy dog chasing his tail?? NOTTTTTTTTTTTTTT , I Hate those days.

We had left early this morning to be at the mill nice and early  while it was still cool - since DH's truck does not have air conditioning and the heat makes me sick - BUT - I still LOVE the summer! :)

On the way home we started talking about the embroidery machine not working and taking it back. He told me to check his checking account and he had 28.00 left at the end of the month and I had 18.00 so we just parked the truck full of feed where it could not get rained on and we grabbed the machine and a couple of shirts that had messed up and off we went for the 2 1/2 hour drive.

This was where we ended up at -in North Carolina and I had my paper from the last visit to show them what had been done. There was a REALLY nice lady there and she looked at everything  and it got crowded so
we Left. (uuuuhhhhh - we did take a minute to look at some of their embroidery machines and they were 6000.00  and we both almost had a heart attack! LOL

When we arrived back home - she had called and said that she had run a test on it with one of the designs on the machine and it had worked perfect -would it be possible to bring the designs I had a problem with and the fabric and the stabilizers that I use so she could watch and maybe help figure out what is really going on????

I kinda dread that because I will be as  nervous as a :cat on a hot tin roof"! :) They are really nice and really busy. Good thing that my little Tracker is so good on gas. I HATE to make that journey, but I have to do it . Ever since that dumb wreck I just DESPISE to get in a vehicle. Thank goodness that I have a DH. :)


  1. YOU sure LOVE your embroidery machine!!! I'd be so tempted to throw it out the window! LOL Not really. Yesterday I removed my grandmother's OLD singer from its' original 1930's cabinet which was ruined from two basement floods, but the machine is fine...except for it needs the foot peedle rewired. It had been converted (I was told by my grandmother or someone) from a treadle to an electric in the 40's, and it sews like butter when it works. Straight stitch and reverse stitch. My daughter thought I should just give the 'old thing' to Good Will...but I know it's value and how smoothly it sews!!! Hubby said he'd fix it for me.

    All this to say, I appreciate all the time and expense you go to to fix your embroider machine! Especially if it would cost you ... blup.... $6000 to replace it! Oh my!

  2. I hope it'll soon be working perfectly. Fingers crossed for you.

  3. Funny how it went perfectly in the shop for her! Mine did the same thing when I kept taking it back. It is not a problem with YOU... they are just trying to make you feel like it is! Pfffffft. I hope they can sort it out FINALLY and get the darn thing going properly. Grrrrrr.