Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Well, I believe that the Trolls that hide in my sewing room  tried to pull the wool over my eyes. I did fairly good this morning when I worked all morning cleaning the filters on my aquariums and then refilling the tanks back up where they belong. I was dirty and hot and tired by 2 pm , so I took a break and fixed us both some lunch, which consisted of homemade pot pie and rice.DH kinda grunted about the rice and said that he did not think that he liked rice anymore. I told him that he better learn to like it again because we had a nice big bag that our younger son had bought for us and that it would fill our tummies for the time being.

Then he asked me to come outdoors to help him run some water-lines down in a pipe so they would be protected. He is attempting to move our big outdoor water-stove and put a shelter to cover it for the Winter-time, and he is going to run a hot water line from the wood stove to see if it will help us to have hot water heated by the wood stove. So, he poked all the lines in a bigger pipe to protect them and I pushed the bigger pipe and he poked the lines in and we finally accomplished it. Then he went to covering the lines back up with dirt because a rain was coming our way.

We already had a warning on the computer and I could see the clouds moving in  all around us.

I came on in and did the dishes and finished putting the aquariums back in order - one more time. :)
Then I made the mistake of picking up that shirt I had started yesterday. I think "maybe" I was getting too confident about making these shirts and it was time that I was taken down a notch Or two. I went ahead and put the sleeves on and down the side seams-but then my luck ran out when it came to hemming the bottom shirt-tail and the sleeves. I pinned everything nice and neat and went to using my blind hem stitch around and some how or other the fabric twisted in knots as I went along - getting worse with every stitch-so I stopped and repined everything and would get going and I would run into the same problem. I had never seen anything like it???? Since I had never encountered this problem before - I was really stumped and twitter-pated! 

Well, eventually I managed to get it all sewed together . It even looks decent just hanging there with its "bug - off" design on it and it is a 3x size - but after the fight we have had today I almost expect to see it jump off of the hanger and twist itself into a roll . You know, like when someone ever took the towel and whirled it around so they could Pop something or somebody painfully! Just because it is hanging there -doesn't mean that I trust it????????

 It is just hard for me to understand -When I try as hard as I know how to do - and I am still haunted by disasters?????  I know - it is because I talk to myself and I must give me BAD advice!  WELLLLLL- that's the best answer that I can come up with.

Since it is midnight and I am still dirty and smelly I think I need to take a bath and fall in bed and tackle a different lesson tomorrow!  Night - Night  to some and Good Morning to others! :)

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