Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bug Off Sunday

You know - some days it is just NOT meant for me to accomplish my goal- no matter how hard I try.It started out pretty good because I had the design I wanted and I had the shirt front cut out and hooped for the design . I EVEN managed to sew it out with only one little boo-boo and that was not my fault-it was the dumb machine . It had sewn the critter and when it went to outline it I went out of bounds with the outline mark. HUMM? But I was in a do -OR-die mode so I decided to forgive and forget.  That was until ****

Yep! In living color I sewed the band on and caught the body of the front shirt IN the stitchin around the neckband! GGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!! Needless to say I had a lot of ripping to do and not just the one time either-it ended up being 3 times and after the last attempt It finally hit me that the neckband was just TOO small and that was causing all the puckering. Now, I might be getting a little smarter , but I went and cut a new neckband and tossed that dummy one in the trash. Well, things are looking up for me and they should after I spent a half hour ripping all t he seams out of everything to have a clean start. BUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

 And I almost missed it myself - I was down to my last ten stitches -But - all of a sudden I hear a POP!  Yep- made my day - broke my needle! GRRRRR!  Then I spent 10 minutes looking for the right needle and was all ready to put it in - ONLY- I could not find the right kit that came with the machine for such emergencies . I wasted 30 minutes checking out where I THOUGHT it should be -which of course it was not. Then I had a Brain Storm and remembered where it was . I  happily went to the cabinet where I keep the case that I carry the surger in. Yep- there is the kit - BUT- there is no little tool to take your needle out with. Yep, just gone.

Now I know this is the straw that broke my camel's back! I quilt - I give up! For the night . I gave it my best shot  , but it definitely was not good enough today. I will check and see IF I can borrow a tool from DH and hope my luck will turn around  for tomorrow.

Gosh, I just cannot believe that this month is Almost gone and that means that Christmas is only four months away. Seems like the harder I go - the behinder I get! :)

But it was a mind blowing beautiful day. There was a nice breeze and it was swaying  with the trees as they locked limbs together and former a musical waltz. The beauty was so awesome that it almost brought me to tears and that is just one more gift that I can put on my :count my blessings list. It overwhelms me as I think about how our Creator made all of this possible -not only the breeze and the trees and the sky -but even down to each little leaf attached so prefectly and dig deeper and about the photosynthesis that goes on inside each of thos little leaves . I let that train of thought work its way through my mind and I thought to myself that he can do all of these miracles - and I cannot even keep One little room clean and organized. Wonder if I can get HALF credit for being the one to mess up the room???? :)

Love to all!

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  1. Boy, what chaos with that embroidery project! Yes, Christmas is right around the corner...time is flying!