Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another day is come and gone

I do wish the days could slow down just a little bit!I noticed today as I worked outdoors all day that I could not even remember if it was Friday or Saturday???????

When I finally went in I was so tired and dirty. I could barely move to take a shower. At least that part felt so good. About two months ago I purchased a Bar of Shampoo!Yep- you heard me right- A BAR of Shampoo and it has been wonderful for my hair. I had to go to a health food store and I had been having trouble with my hair looking all flyaway and dead looking. So, when I saw this little bar of shampoo at the store it was just strange enough to capture my imagination. But , it  has been wonderful for my hair -really helping to bring it back to life and get rid of all those dead fly away ends and when I dry it and go to brush it there are almost no tangles. I have always had long hair and believe me - it is a treat just to be able to brush or comb your hair without a fight.My little bar is getting so small that it is hard to hang onto -so I will have to plan ahead for next month to get another bar. I guess  I do have something to do with a Bar! LOL

I ran out of time and energy tonight to tackle a sewing project - SO- I decided to still make do with something ???? Which turned out to be wrapping more presents and storing them outdoors in totes . I am making progress - just one gift at a time! :)

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  1. Funny how that bar of soap helped your hair. What soap was it?