Monday, August 16, 2010

Too much excitement

This was where my day went to. One of my precious granddaughters went into labor yesterday and was at the hospital all night and they finally had to take the baby because his heart rate dropped from the stress of the contractions . Baby was ready to make his appearance, but Mother's young body couldn't co-operate, plus she was already exhausted.

She had to be the one of the bravest Mom's to be I had ever had the privilege of sharing this experience with. I was so glad she was in the hospital when she got into trouble because they are professionals and know what to do. I did not get a picture of the new arrival due to all the families on both sides. They were all busy snapping pictures till I thought the little arrival might go blind. :) He was 7pounds and 14 ounces and his name is Zane. He had a head-full of black hair and when he cried so softly he sounded like a little kitten.I bet it won't be long before he will go on the Prowl. LOL  I am just so glad that Mother and Baby are both doing well. Mom of the Mom broke down and cried when she saw there was trouble but when all was ok - she was one of the first to be so joyful.

I made it home and started searching for a design on the Christmas shirt for the Mom - hoping I could find one and tell her that it was made with love for her on the day of Zane's birth. That will make three birthdays in August for this family. It is a wonder to be able to watch this new generation start the cycle of life all over again. :)


  1. What wonderful news.. I love his name "Zane" .... he is bound to be spoilt rotten. I wonder how long it will take before you are making him t-shirts! LOL

    Coast Watch.. we like that programme, watch it on a Monday night here! Glad you enjoyed it too.... even though it shows we have some bad buggers here too! It takes all sorts eh?

  2. Congrats Great Grandma!!! How wonderful!!! I do not take birth for granted, and that must have been a terrible time until you heard him cry and the mother was okay! I'm just so happy that another generation is born.

    Enjoy holding that little bundle!

  3. Congratulations Great Grandma. So pleased all turned out well and Mum has a beautiful baby boy. Looking forward to seeing a photo of Zane.