Sunday, August 29, 2010

Testing new knowledge?

Hello, hello my blog family

I hope each of you are well and have had a wonderful weekend. I could not post last night because I was too pooped to pop! :) We had got all the supplies together to take back to the sewing machine shop and took off. But once we arrived there the lady was working in a different store and they read the note she had left that said the machine was sewing correctly on the designs that were in the machine and that she thought it was a stabilization problem with me. They said I needed heavy stabilizer and that I needed to pull the fabric so hard that it would be taunt!

I remember when I was sewing nightshirts for my mother-in-law a few years back and that was the way I did her shirts, But it always left something that made me think of a burn mark all around where the hoop held the fabric? Plus,when working with knits I have become afraid I would pull it out of shape because these knits have so much stretch to them?I got lucky and they did not even charge me this time.

It took me until this morning to get my courage up to see if I could have any success at this "tugging" part.
I did add another piece of cut away stabilizer since the last I had bought was not the same quality of what I had before and I did spray everything heavier. It started off great -BUT- then it started breaking threads again.(Hitting head on table!) LOL  But , I could deal with that -BUT-then all of a sudden it started to pull the bobbin thread onto the top of the shirt!GGGGGG!

I think I held my breath for a minute and I backed up and tried a couple of things -Which did not work! By now it was beginning to almost tear a hole in the shirt and now that it was almost finished -I sure did not want to lose the fight. I decided to use a trick I had seen my oldest daughter - in-law do. She would put the same color of thread in the bobbin ! Yea- I stole her idea and it even worked. It still was pulling the bobbin thread onto the top , but you could not tell the difference. So, thanks to a dear daughter-in-law my project was saved. LOL _ O, It just hit me how funny that was BECAUSE the shirt will be for her for Christmas! :)

Shoot, it does not show up very good in this picture - so I will take a close up of the design.

Our weather here today was lovely , right now at 6:32pm it is 84 degrees. I am trying to figure out what to feed DH and myself?????  O shoot - I had forgotten that I have beans in the crockpot -so I just need to make the cornbread? O shoot again - I am Almost out of oil - I guess I will just do the best I can!

Thank you so very much for visiting with me -love to each one!:)


  1. I don't know how you do it! NOT kill your machine that is! I would have smashed it with a hammer AND thrown it through the window by now. Why are you still SANE and not curled up in the corner sucking your thumb???

  2. Have you ever tried sticky stablizer? I get it at my shop where I got my machine. It is a heavy backed paper sort of stabilizer. You hoop just the stabilizer, then once it is in the hoop you score it with the point of scissors or seam ripper and tear off the paper so that all that is exposed is the sticky area inside of the hoop. Then you put your t-shirt onto the sticky part, press down and then carefully "fix" it into place with stitching on the machine around the whole thing. My machine has a fix setting before the embroidery starts. Maybe they are all like that. I would just hate to stretch out t-shirt fabric like that in a hoop. Anyway, hope this helps.
    I am sorry you are having such trouble, but your posts do make me smile, because I've had my troubles to with sewing, embroidering, too, you name it. And Chris H...your comment made me smile,also.
    Hope things get better on the stitchin side of things.

  3. I can see why you were so frustrated! Hope things start working out!