Saturday, August 21, 2010

O NO ! Project that drives me crazy

And I am not but a short walk from that anyway. Bad Enough that the design HATED me-but also the project! The design has to be the second worst I have ever worked on in my short shirt history -probably about 5 years? It broke stitches about every 5 seconds , so I knew that was a bad sign. And then it even grabbed hold of the fabric and jerked it right down into the machine. That was BAD . Then it wrinkled the design and made it a night-mare to attempt to work on.After I finished the design I almost wanted to cry. I did not have any leftover grey knit that I could cut out a new front.So, I had to move on , with regrets that it was now "damaged goods".

I assembled the front and back pieces to sew them and low and behold - there was a HOLE right up near the top of the back panel! GRRRRRR! I thought I would outsmart it so I took the serger with the blade lowered and serged the hole. But this makes it look like it has a small dart- SOOOO I proceed to serger the other side and it looks even now????? BUT- after I realize that even though it looks even  - everything matches ----But I had serged it to where the stitch should be on the inside - now it is on the outside where you can see it and it is now sewn to the top shoulder. I will now have to rip the "dart" out and the top of the shoulder also.  Surely ! After all these boo-boos the worst is over????? Or is there more to come???

Well, let me tell you - Yes- there is more to come ! I went to do my zig zag around the neckband to make it all even when I attach it to the front and back and for some reason - now the sewing machine Hates me! I looked fine on the front - but on the back side it was a disaster Of big loopy stitches! :(  Sorry - it certainly did not make a decent picture)

I am beginning to think that this project is somehow Hexed. My next boo-boo was when I went to sew the seam up under the arm pit. The front piece was normal , but the back piece is a different story! GGGRR!
The back piece looked like a piece of selvage to me when I started and forgot about it-But- now that I am attempting to marry the two pieces - the bad side looks like someone painted a selvage of glue . It has dried hard and will not stretch out to be even with the other side, no matter how hard I tug it just refuses to Marry the other side! ????

I have no idea why this project had to give me such a fit. I thought it was just going to be a sweet project for a very sweet friend and now I am almost afraid to give it to her because it is a dud? :( So, I guess I'll just chalk this one up to experience and Try again?) I never have liked the hard lessons of life- I much prefer the happy - fun ones. But - "it is what it is"!  :)

It certainly did not turn out the way I hoped and I am disappointed in it, but that is the way life seems to go-no matter what lessons you are tackling. My silver lining is that I have a friend who will understand. She is so very talented and I  know that she has had the same experience. None of us are perfect and it gives us something to strive for.If she cannot get any use out of it - then I will tell her to consider it a "Cloth Card"! :)

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