Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why do I ALWAYS Have to be the one who buys a LEMON?

Yes, my feathers are all ruffled up! That Dog-Gone embroidery machine Hates me and it is getting to where there is no love lost for it either! :(

When I had taken it to the last place in N. C. and they thought they had it fixed???? Well, it still is breaking threads and that only Mildly upsets me because at least I could just rethread it again and again and again -until I could finish a design. NO FUN- but I could survive. Now it has gone back to a trick that I had forgot about -which I cannot live with - is when you are finishing your design it runs a outline stitch around the project to make it stand out and look more finished. It is like coloring the outline and it starts where it is suppose to but at the bottom of the design it lays it down Below the object! Like a kid that has not learned to stay in the lines!  GRRRRRRR! I don't know anybody who would want to go to all the trouble to make gifts and would want them looking like that??????????????  Yes, my horns are starting to show!

I believe you can see why I am so upset. The chick to the furtherest right is what they are suppose to look like -the middle one is where it started to go off track from the belly up to the beak and it wasn't so bad - But the chick on the left shows where it went even further off . I am not one little percent happy because this one is to be for my youngest granddaughter and I think she believes the best that I can do. Poo!

As for the remainder of the project I did better than I have all week long - no monster disasters and I am SO grateful. After I did my evening chores and fed us -I came back in to hem the sleeves and the bottom . I used the blind hem stitch because for some reason I have fallen in love with it. It totally amazes me how after you pin it in place and then Aim the sewing machine to the fabric and "hold" your breath that I can move right along without even seeing where I am going to some times?

Humm? Would have been a really nice project.


  1. I am too scared to say you are not the only one who has a lemon of a machine! Mine is behaving itself right now!!!

    Far out... take the bloody thing back and demand a new one! Is it still under warranty?

    The lady at the sewing machine shop told me if it plays us again I should run it over with me car and claim on my insurance!!! I don't recommend that somehow...

  2. Maybe you could carefully fill in the chicks fronts with a careful satin stitch adjust the width as you go? Or even do it by hand?

    I have heard that when your thread keeps breaking to put it in the freezer for a while. I have never tried it, but you could see if that works.

  3. Machines can be a pain for sure. Luckily my Janome 350E has not been acting up, but I can well imagine how it would be if it did. Hope all is well with you! How is the pain lately, and how have you been feeling?