Friday, August 13, 2010

New Treasures

Just check this out- I have New and special treasures and I owe them both to Lynne! She invited me to go with her to the local Sewing Guild Meeting  and WOW - it was awesome . It was held in a Big church that was so lovely and it was SO hot that I thought I would pass out just walking to and fro in the parking lot.

I think that they said that they had gained two new members last month to make a total of 102, but with my prize winning brain I might be off a tad.They were having a special dinner to raise money for some good cause -or course I have forgotten. But, the Dinner was way beyond Delicious in my opinion. Since I am the vegetarian and it was a bar-b-q , but I fell in love with the side dishes! There was potato salad and apple salad and some kind of salad that had a mixture of things I did not know and it had ramein noodles in it and it was soo good and soo different from anything I have ever had. Of course I topped it all off with some kind of lime jello and a Brownie. One of my weaknesses is Brownies  and that one really topped the list in my opinion.

They had set up tables at one end of this large room and people put their pattersn and books and fabrics on them to accept donations  and they were so wonderful . I wanted them all, but didn't have the green bills to do  right by them.

Another smaller table they had piles of fabric - some already turned into baby blankets and some you could check out to turn into baby blankets for the hospitals.  They had already made 300 and some and were shooting for 500.

Then they had a Ugly Fabric Contest . Last month people had brought their ugly fabrics and they had a drawing and that was how they all got these fabrics to turn into a usable project. You would vote on them and then they had three winners and the winners got gift certificates for a JoAnn's Fabric Stores. I think they were 15.00, 25.00 and 35.00,.It was absolutely amazing at all the talent in that group. The first lady had received a piece of turquoise -striped with white and she agreed that she hated the fabric so she turned it into a reversible vest . She used that piece for the lining and also the back yoke of the vest and it was really pretty. One young lady turned hers into a very nice tie. One gal took the one she received into a gorgeous bag. She cut the fabric into strips and added strips in between them that she had at home -but it was amazing all the different techniques she used on the alternate fabrics to make them tie in together with her ugly fabric. The pattern on the Ugly fabric was kinda like a fern so she embroidered ferns on the plain strips. She used several more different techniques which of course I cannot remember , but she put a Lot of work into the bag and it was so lovely. One you could really be proud of . I think she used all of the different techniques just to enjoy the process of being creative.Another lady made a very fancy vest also and she got third place. I cannot remember what was second place -but first place turned out to be the cutest chicken . I could easily see how that fabric would have been called Ugly Fabric but she said this chicken was called , The Lap Chicken and it was precious. After making a whole flock of The Flying Chickens that you use to hole scissors and threads - I really loved the chicken. Lynne had entered too and turned her piece of Ugly Fabric into a nurses scrub hat and a beautiful apron and a pot holder.

Then three of the gals had gone to a conference in Atlanta , Georgia for three days and they told about their experiences.One of them brought projects for us to see. She had made bras and panties and told a little about the class and I Loved the Samples because I have been pondering something like that . The fabrics were so soft and dreamy.

Then they had a Show and Tell where people brought what they had been sewing on in the past month! O Yea - I loved that too.Three of them had made a very large Quilted Star that was made of little tiny blocks and it looked like it was exploding . They were beautiful. One gal brought a precious Teddy Bear and he had the most gorgeous Blue eyes and she had made him almost 30 years ago and he was jointed and all of his joints moved.

One beautiful lady who was a senior citizen and she brought a whole bag full and they said she did that each month. But this time it was one of the Christmas tree skirts , and some table runners that would be for Halloween with the pumpkins and kitties and they were all quilted so pretty. She had also crocheted two beautiful baby blankets.Another brought two dresses she had made for herself . One was a beautiful blue summer dress and she had lined it and the other one was one that she made to wear with her husband for their anniversary celebration .It was truly amazing to see all of these beautiful projects come to life and I was so pleased with my treasures.

I would not have had this wonderful adventure if not for Lynne and her generosity and kindness. So, that is just another example of what I mean when I say Friends are one of our most beautiful gifts in life.


  1. Well...Lynn also gave us, your readers, a nice outing to the quilt group...per your blog! It sounds like a nice group and I hope you get to go back!

  2. Good on you Linda for joining in and having fun.

  3. AND just where are the photos of these ugly fabric creations then? *sigh*
    I didn't know you were a vegetarian! Fancy that!
    I could never do it.. I love eating meat.. I'm a true carnivore!
    Why don't you eat meat? Just being nosey ... cos I can!
    Do you have a digital camera even? WANT PHOTOS WOMAN!