Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tuesday to watch rain and tackle lessons?

Hello, Hello

Today was a very nice day - especially if you love rain. :) Because that is what it has done ALL day, but at least it was not a stormy rain-although I see my little weather monitor in the bottom corner just winking up a storm -so what I don't know might very well hurt me. :) It was in the 70's today and very pleasant. I had cleaned the floors today -wonder why I bothered with all the rain and mud . I guess I thought If I get rid of some of it might help?

When I went to make us something for supper I started out testing a apple pie that makes its own crust . When I pulled it out it looked good-but when I tasted it I would give it a failing grade ! So, I guess that will be one that I "chuck in the trash".

I also made a rice soup and it was funny because I always like it . It fills my tummy and that is its job. All day long DH complained that he was starving. After he ate a full breakfast -30 minutes later he was starving and then 30 minutes after he ate he was starving to death??? But when I fixed the soup and pie ? He was eating the soup and looked up and said -it didn't have much taste. I had to laugh at him because I told him maybe he would not over eat and would get full??? Well , that has been a whole two hours now and he has not hollered once that he was starving .

I am spoiling myself right now with some preacher cookies - you know the ones that have been around forever and you don't have to bake them. Yummy! :) DH does not like them - I cannot imagine why? They are chocolate and oats and peanut butter and he likes all of that.

Finally I made it to the sewing room and laid out the embroidery hoop  and prepared the machine for business. I even knew where the design was so I sandwiched the project all together and kinda held my breath to see what was going to transpire ???? The first color went nice. Then the second color was good - I was starting to take a breath! I thought I was going to love this design because it only had a few colors to change. It got down to the final dance and that was to outline the project . It was doing a good job on the back part of the design and as it moved down to the face - the silly think was like a wild horse -it took a direction that it wanted too and just ran completely out of the lines! I was so miffed at it. It was to be the face and front paws of a tiger and it is right in the front of the design! GRRRRRR! WHY DO MACHINES HATE ME? 

Can you see all that white showing under the legs and face? It is suppose to be up on the orange!Well Pooh!

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  1. Every 2nd blog I have read today has shown cake or some sort of yummy food! Grrr.. now I have sent poor Stew out to buy cake... cos I am drooling! That apple pie is driving me nuts!