Friday, August 20, 2010

Another week almost gone?

Where do they go to? I guess one second at a time as we scurry about from one thing to another, trying to accomplish our goals.I think my life took a fast track when I got married at 17. I had one more year of school to finish and I also got a job after school at a hospital cafeteria . From then on it was - always in a hurry to school and work and pay bills.

After I graduated I went to work for 4 local veterinarians. I told Mama that I had wanted to be a vet  - so I was going to work for them and get the first hand experience  first. I discovered one thing - I LOVED the work with the animals - BUT- I Hated the part of dealing with the public.

  After a very busy morning -my DH and one of our neighbors have gone fishing. Good for him and good for me. :) He needs some time out with a friend fishing. The fresh air will do him good and maybe he will bring back some good fish stories. LOL

As for me - I have my sewing to relax with. I have started on another man's shirt and on the pocket I have put the design.The guy this one is intended for is a real hoot - always full of himself . We are all lucky to have him in our family. Sometimes the good guys just get overlooked because they do not cause a ruckus all the time.

I am hot and tired and happy. The temperature is going down - 78degrees. I am tired because I took a little walk  and I am happy because I have another project finished.

I heard on the news just a while ago that there had been 7 toddlers left in the cars that died from the heat. Cooked to death -literally. They said the temperatures could rise to 130 degrees if the outside temperature is 91. That just breaks my heart.

                                                          BUT , I REALLY DID! LOL
                                                 Many happy stitches to each of you!

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  1. I envy your hubby going fishing! I love fishing.
    No chance now.. no 'real' boat!