Monday, August 30, 2010

Hello, Hello My Dear Blog Family

I hope this new start to our week is finding you "Bright -eyed -and Bushy Tailed"!  A whole new chapter is facing us and it is up to us how we will hopefully get to use it.

I spent the day doing outside stuff and came in and started finishing stuff up on the "puter". Next I decided I would wrap a few gifts for Christmas - that means they will now go into hiding in my Christmas Tote stored out in the storage shed.

See, I have proof. This way they are stored in plastic and will not get knocked in the floor OR lost . I have misplaced two , so I am going to hunt out in the tote to make sure if I have already wrapped them . I sure hope so!. 
I talked to my teacher/friend today about the stabilization of knits. She said that we did not want to pull on knit until it is taunt !That is what you are suppose to do if you are working with cottons and that kind of fabrics. She did say to use heavy stabilizer and a good spray adhesive . I do not believe that I have been using enough spray - so another clue to help me on my search to make sure my embroidery machine and I can come to an agreement. It is getting to be like a full stage Mystery and I am pouncing on clues to see what is the Answer! :)

Our weather here today was lovely - in the 80's . I was enjoying myself immensely until one of my blog buddies reminded me that they are facing SPRING and that means I am facing FALL! How devasting ! My Summer is almost gone! Time for my beautiful flowers to disappear and leave me heart-broken. If only it did not have to be. If only I could fly off into the wild blue yonder like the birds do and spend the time enjoying somebody else's Summer.???? That reminds me that I need to work on getting some starts off of my flowers that will be small enough to bring them in for the Winter - time! They hate it as much as I do -but you just do what you gotta do! :)
Love to All!


  1. Wrapping Christmas presents already... NOW there's an idea! I hate wrapping presents... it comes high on my "do it at the last minute" list! AND Stew never helps me either... the shit.
    I admire you getting it started.. I'm going to THINK about doing it too... THINK that is! Maybe not 'DO' yet! lol

  2. Thanks for visiting my new blog Linda. Sounds like you have a nice pleasant day...and you were at home!!! I am still impressed with your getting Christmas gifts done and wrapped ahead of time. That is great! I should try to do that too~!

  3. You are so organised for Xmas Linda. Well done.