Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Step Back in History.

Life can be such a funny adventure as the road twists and turns. I had a very dear friend who introduced me to two sisters who needed help cleaning a little cabin on the lake. My first friend told me that she was afraid to mention it to me because you never know how people will hit it off and if it went wrong she did not want me upset at her. Well, that would never happen because by the end of that day - I was madly in love with these two sisters who were both in their 80's and two of the most wonderful gals I had ever met, honest , generous and hard working with hearts of gold. By the end of the day I was exhausted and had done my best , and I had made wonderful new friends.

About a week later Helen called me and asked if I could consider cleaning house for her. I told her we would try it and see if I made her happy. It ended up being a 3 year friendship that enriched my life more than words could ever say as Helen opened up her heart and let me step in.

One day we were cleaning in her attic and there was a very old metal drum which had fabrics in it. One the top were upholstery fabrics from the past and on the bottom was linen kitchen towels from a college that Helen's father had worked at in the 1930's. Just handling these beautiful antique fabrics made my mind run helter skelter with what life must have been like back then -and here they were -stored safe in a metal drum. Helen told me to grab a handful . I asked her if she was sure and she said yes. I was totally thrilled and I took them home and store them in my "stash" - happy just to pull them out and look and feel them when ever I went looking at fabrics for projects.

After 3 years I lost my beloved Helen at age 87 and it left a hole in my heart as big as a football field. Some friends are just too special and I cried for weeks until I could not cry anymore. Now , I had the younger sister, Ruth who was left and devasted by the loss also. They did have a younger sister who lived in another state and after a while she decided to move to be closer to the brother and sister who were left. Ruth was trying to figure out a Christmas present for her sister and it was the first Christmas they had been close to each other in years ? I remembered my hidden stash of the kitchen towels brought home by THEIR Father all those years past ! The new sister had been a nurse all her life so I found the nurse embroidery designs and worked them on the antique fabrics - trying to make them special - just for her. I hoped that it would be like her family had reached through the years and was still sending her love and welcoming her home!


  1. That is so lovely of you to do!

  2. That was very special what you did, and it was a very touching post.

  3. thanks for the comment about Toby and your horse...soo sorry for your loss too.....but we will be fine in time.......
    Char at TobyCatCreations...