Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sleepy Time

From the moment I started this shirt it just had a peaceful , sleepy-time feeling to me. Probably because I love butterflies and they are a creature of transformation - just as our sleep is suppose to transform our bodies from energy drained to become energy - driven. The soft blue color soothed my soul and blue is suppose to be very calming. I had discovered the lettuce edging that you can do with Mr. Serger and I practiced for the first time on the sleeves and the bottom edges. I not only loved working with that stitch , but I also loved the fact that you did not have to now PIN a hem in to sew - it was a finished edging. Of course me and the "NECK- BAND " were still enemies. I would work SO hard dividing that neck and then the band to get them to fit perfectly - BUT- then I would get in that "drunk-driving" seam as I worked my way around the neck and OF COURSE - it would show. I tried so HARD! But was still weaving and bobbing for some reason? But even then - I was thrilled to make my very own shirt. I wonder if knowing how hard I had worked on it - OR - if it was the peaceful colors ????? No matter which it was - I did sleep like a baby in my very own creation for a year and a half before it fell apart on me. Why is it - when It is something you love - that it Never lasts as long as you want it too?????????????????????????????
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