Friday, July 24, 2009

Next event - Happy Birthday

Every day is a day to celebrate and my youngest adult son was having a birthday, so that was a "double " reason to celebrate. I was still learning so much , between different patterns and different knits and different embroidery designs that I was intimidated to try to sew something for my son. But I hoped that even if I goofed up bigtime, he would know that is was out of love and he could still use them to at least work in as he worked construction and could always use shirts.

One of the lessons I learned was that - depending on the stretchiness of the knit - it could change the size of the shirt and also the neck. Very much give would allow the neck to "sag" and I did not like that at all - But - if it did not have much give - then the neck would "choke" you????? I was beginning to think that "sewing" was a lot like - LIFE- every day is something new to learn and challenge yourself on. I was beginning to just wish for a project that would JUST co-operate and Flow like it was suppose to!

I was starting to wish that we humans could "just be born with the knowledge" that we would need and not have to "work so hard " to latch onto it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like I am wishing for "A Gift" instead of a skill???? I am not for sure - but I definitely am WISHING! ~smile~

How do your all manage to "get over the humps???"

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